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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth

I’m eight years into entrepreneurship now and this topic always comes up. Can a person have it all?


It might not be what you’re expecting.


Here’s my experience of what it means to have it all and some of the work I’ve done to get me to where I am now.


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  • [03:19] What I have always said about having it all
  • [04:13] My epiphany after watching a new period drama on Netflix
  • [07:16] Working on my relationship with money
  • [09:06] My vision for the business this year and what it means for my working hours and family time
  • [11:38] Creating your own reality



“You have to be willing to say no to certain things in order to prioritize and create space for things that you really desire.”
“A miracle is a shift in perspective, according to ‘A Course in Miracles’, it’s your capacity to see something differently.”
“Having it all is having all of yourself. It’s having all of you.”





You can read the transcript here.


Faith + Action = Miracles

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