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Can a person have it all?

You may be surprised to hear what my experience is on this.


As a 7-figure entrepreneur, I still do the inner work it takes to up level in my business and my life.


I journal, I have mentors and I keep expanding.


It was recently whilst journaling and working on my relationship with money that a fear came up for me. And it was when I was sitting with reaching 5 million or 10 million in sales this year.


The thing was, in order to reach my new financial goals for 2021, I would have to transform in ways that I didn’t want to.


Don’t get me wrong, I have a clear vision for my business next year, the hours I want to put in, the time I’ll have with family, the people I hire and team effort to achieve the big vision.


But it was still holding me back.


What was interesting is that only when I took time to completely switch off and gained an interest in something completely different (go and watch Bridgerton on Netflix) that I came to this miraculous shift in perspective.


Having it all wasn’t about meeting all my financial goals or having the material goods.


What came up for me was having all of myself.


Just being all of me and allowing that to pass through in whatever way it desires to be transmitted.


What tends to happen is we shrink down the amount of space that we allow ourselves to take up in the world all because of fear and so we deny our own wishes, desires and dreams.


So the invitation for me was to ravish myself, to allow my thoughts and feelings to be just deeply and utterly adored and explored, knowing that all of me is welcome and the more I am able to embrace and embody myself the easier it becomes for me to embrace, embody and align to that next level of receiving when it comes to my material desires.


Faith + Action = Miracles.

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