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This isn’t just a review of 2020 like everyone else has done. These are 10 of the BIGGEST lessons, genuinely, that you need to be aware of if you want to scale and grow your business.


In what’s been a tough year for the world, I’ve tripled my income and had my best year in business.


There’s definitely things I did right (and wrong) that enabled me to receive that.


Find out in this episode and please leave us a review if you haven’t already done so, I will love you forever.


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  • [02:22] My thoughts with everyone going through the pandemic.
  • [08:27] Having a framework in your business.
  • [26:31] Finding the balance of starting your day on a high vibe and getting on with things, and letting go of the stories that’s stopping you from moving forward.
  • [32:13] Learning if it’s our heart or our head that’s holding us back.
  • [38:01] Looking at the bigger picture.




  • “When you are wildly rigid in your belief about how something needs to look or something needs to be, how you need to look, how you need to be, you strangle creativity, you block your intuition and you find yourself on a path to nowhere because you haven’t been willing to be flexible.”
  • “When you really truly desire to grow and you really truly desire to create a global impact and massive impact in the world, be prepared for it to not always be neat and tidy, be prepared for it to be a little bit messy.”
  • “Perfection only exists in a dictionary.”
  • “You are loved, you are supported and that you are more than good enough to live into the highest version that you have for yourself.”
  • “Most of us are when we’re not being conscious, being driven by fear.”
  • “When you get presented with something that gives you the opportunity to take a step closer to your goal, and you’re saying no, that it’s your head, not your gut, 99% of the time.”
  • “Trust that all of the mistakes and the learnings are for your highest and best.”




You can read the transcript here.


Faith + Action = Miracles

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