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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:20 My background with money and cash growing up and cash
  • 09:14 The money I made in my first six years of business
  • 13:03 The personal development side of business and making profit
  • 17:50 What I’d suggest you invest in
  • “Awareness isn’t all the things, you still have to take action to change certain behaviours, ways of thinking, releasing old experiences and energies that are still running the script in your existence.”
  • “What we master in life, we then get to play out in business and what we master in business, we get to play out in life.”
  • “All of those micro costs add up. So even though you’re making six figures, which is £8,333.33 a month, you might have £3,500 – £4,000 a month going out in expenses.”
  • “In order for you to feel abundant and to be able to save for your future and put money aside, then you need to think about how you get to scale.”

The truth about Profit Margins in online coaching

A truly exciting one for you today because it’s definitely not the subject that most entrepreneurs are talking about, but it is really important. And I’m coming from a real place of proficiency.

I’m talking all about generating profit in your business.

I cover investments, cutting costs, expenses and what profit margin I think you should be aiming for.

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