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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 03:53 The pivotal points of Poppy’s life and the assumptions that people make about you
  • 10:20 Revisiting childhood and early learnings about failure
  • 21:41 England vs America’s attitude to work
  • 30:46 Poppy’s health breakdown that led her to completely realign her path
  • 42:42 Finding your purpose and not getting stuck in victimhood
  • “If everyone has a giving mentality of ‘how much can I give you? What do you want?’ Everyone just achieves what they wanna achieve quicker. And you realize that there’s always enough for everyone because everybody actually wants different things.”
  • “Fears don’t go away by running away from them, fears only go away by facing them.”
  • “Emotions are contagious. It’s not enough just for us to heal. Everybody has to heal because otherwise you’re going to have toxic unhinged people walking around.”
  • “The best lesson I’ve ever learned is to find a good team because that is the route to success, somebody can’t walk alone.”
  • “When we’re flexible, we can bend around any problem, any challenge. And then it means that we are limitless.”

The convo about success and looking after our mental health with Poppy Jamie

In this episode, I’m chatting with the incredible Poppy Jamie, a thought leader, entrepreneur, an influencer, and rising star in the mental health and mindfulness space.

One of Forbes’ 30 under 30, British entrepreneur and TV presenter Poppy Jamie is the founder of the mental wellbeing app Happy Not Perfect, co-founder of the accessories line Pop & Suki and host of the Not Perfect podcast and now, aspiring author. In 2016, Poppy launched the first talk show on Snapchat ‘Pillow Talk with Poppy’ and the following year, she set up her two enterprises with a dedicated focus on creating accessible tools to help the stress and anxiety levels of young people.

Poppy is the youngest board member on the UCLA Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital Board of Advisors and received a Point of Light award this year from former Prime Minister of England for her work in mental health. A burgeoning mindfulness expert, she’s taken part at the first mental health talk series at Cambridge University, lectured at the UCLA Wow Summit on brain health, and delivered a TEDxTalk titled,“Addicted to Likes” about the psychological impact of social media and technology and how to reverse the damage.

We talk about people’s perception of us and how we desire to be perceived impacts how we show up, what we are striving for and how, at least in Poppy’s case, that perception of how she didn’t quite fit in or belonged, really drove her ambition.

Here’s to finding your inner peace and wellbeing.

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