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Time to Step into Courage

Last night I began working with a woman who had met me just one week before at my London workshop, in tears.  She was crying because so much of the content I shared had touched her. Moved her. Shook her. And although, she knew the person she wanted to be and was open to the possibilities of what she could create for her life. Where she was in THAT specific moment, was self-loathing.  Hating. Herself for all of the decisions, choices, learned habits that had told her she wasn’t enough.

And it hurt.  Her pain hurt her.  And her pain hurt me.  But in that hurt something opened up.  A space for healing.  A space for loving.  A space for freedom.  And she took a step into that space and reached out to me. She had made a decision. The decision she was ready and prepared to invest in herself.  And last night we spoke.

And it was true, she really IS ready. And I’m excited to say that she is joining one of my private group coaching programs.  Her decision felt EPIC, because I knew that just one week ago how she felt unworthy of so many things.  In fact, even on our call she had felt unworthy of so many things.  But with just a couple of questions and being OPEN to the process she went from unworthy, to I’m fucking worth it.  Why am I sharing this with you?

Well aside from the fact I feel amazing about having the opportunity to walk alongside this magnificent lady whilst she gets to work.  Really, I am inspired by her bravery. Her courage.  You see it takes courage to say YES to yourself. But you know what takes even more courage.  To continue saying YES to yourself.  In every moment. Every day.  Or at the very least saying YES to yourself more frequently than you are saying no.  It takes courage to set the bigger goal.  It takes courage to do something you’ve never done before.  It takes courage to ask yourself to see something through when you’re track record of completing and ‘achieving’ says something completely different.  

It takes courage to want more.  It takes courage to BE more.  And here’s the thing, no one can give you courage. You have to summon the strength from within and just go for it.
Is this the only way?  Hell to no.

But for sure it’s the quickest.

Where can you be a little more courageous today?

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