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  • 5.26 I think we have to each ask ourselves, where do I shine the most? Where is it that I get more energy instead of having to do something in our business and that’s what we’re teaching, but we’re constantly, even as the leaders, we’re having to hone our skills and be able to pivot over and go, I tried that. No, not so much.
  • 9.22 We have to love the dark and the light, and to love our businesses. We have to love the hard things and the beautiful things. And I believe that’s really the secret to life.
  • 12.40 They’re like, what are you trying to seek? Are you ever going to get there? What do you mean? It’s the whole journey of always expanding, always growing, for sure.
  • I feel like we’re all having to hone down and spirit our higher self is like, pick, baby. You know what I mean?
  • I really believe if you want to manifest and have that infinite abundance, the trauma is the core work to really release the limited beliefs.
  • And you have this fantasy that one day it’s all going to be perfect. That is the biggest lie.

The Only Way Out Is Through, Overcoming Trauma with Dr Erin

I remember the first time I interacted with today’s guest – it was NOT pretty but it changed my life!

There was some ugly crying, but there was also a liberation that was activated that I am truly and eternally grateful for and so please let me introduce my guest today, Dr Erin.

Doctor of Divinity and a world-renowned thought leader. She is committed to helping you become your highest self and manifest your dreams. You’ll love this one, promise.

You can get your hands on my brand new book right here, until then settle down and listen in!

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