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We need to talk about money



Earlier this week, I started listening to the book The Millionaire Next Door and to say that it had had a profound effect on me would be totally understating it. And as always it was coming at the perfect time for me.

No, not just because I have another £30K in taxes to pay next month, but because as my brand and community has been growing, I’ve been left questioning my purpose.

How do I want to show up?

What’s truly important to me?

I’ve been noticing how my addiction to my phone (and analysing my Instagram insights) seemed to be sucking the joy and the life out of me. As I focused in on what other people were thinking about me, I felt less capable. Less than “good enough”.

Less. Less. Less.

Which has also been challenging, because I’ve been showing up more, and I’ve been presented with the most amazing opportunities in the shape of:

  • Ideal clients
  • Podcast interviews (including this brilliant one on the Not Another Mummy Podcast)
  • Content collaborations
  • Gifts

You name it, it’s been coming at me thick and fast.

But I was still feeling less and less full.

I was slipping into caring WAY TOO MUCH about what other people think of me, which is a recipe for disaster when it comes to showing up and sharing your message authentically.

Then when it came to the money thing and listening to that life-changing audiobook, I realised I’ve been wearing my income like some people wear their follower count. Like a badge of honour that doesn’t really mean anything.

The truth is, specifically over the last 3 years, I’ve earned more money than I ever believed possible for ‘a girl like me’ who left school with just 8 GCSE’s. I’ve made around £500K since setting up business for myself.

That’s a fuck tonne of money.

But also, it’s a top line figure that doesn’t mean anything.


Because it’s not how much you earn, it’s how much you keep.

And aside from tax money, I haven’t saved a peep.

Most online courses and business coaches are not teaching how to keep your money.

You have to work out the business part.
The sensible part.
The keeping part.

Even when you invest in money courses – they’re not telling you how to manage your profit. Or pay yourself. Or to save. They’re not talking about wealth creation. Savings and pensions. Futureproofing.

And those sexy headlines about the six-figure launches (that in reality netted them £20K after launch strategists, project managers and facebook ads) only serve to feed the idea of needing to keep up with the Joneses.

This is dangerous for people’s mental health and for their financial future.

We as individuals are so bothered with the vanity metrics that it’s easy to be seduced by the idea that the surface bullshit is what matters.

We think that followers and gross profit = credibility and authority.

And they don’t.
They’re a distraction.

I put my hand up to getting distracted.
I don’t blame anyone.
I genuinely don’t believe it’s anyone’s fault.
But once you see it you can’t unsee it.

I’m committing right now, as someone who likes to spend all the money on trips and experiences, to saying I’m no longer distracted. I’m getting back in the room.

I love money, I do. AND I love talking about it – and I’ll continue to talk about it from my perspective. I’ll also continue sharing my client success stories, because those are important to me.

But alongside that, I’ll be talking about what it takes to get there, The overheads and and profit margins. The saving, and how I’m getting on with it. This feels more real and more honest. It also feels more exciting and liberating to approach money chat in this way.

True economic freedom is my my big goal for you (and for me), but it’s not about building a business on a deck of cards, it’s about understanding and healing your money stories AND taking the practical steps that will help you create real wealth.

Step 1: Mindset mastery
Step 2: Money mastery

That’s what it takes and of course is what we’ll be journeying through together in the new and improved Limitless Life Experience when the new and improved version is out in October. You know it. I can’t freaking wait. 

Faith + Action = Miracles



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