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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:57 Is your messaging coming from the heart or from your head
  • 04:27 What happens after a big win
  • 06:21 A quick exercise to re-centre yourself
  • 08:41 Getting you to think of your bigger vision to help with momentum
  • “When you allow yourself to go beyond the surface of what your mind is telling you that you need to do, and you really allow your heart to lead you, it’s a completely different quality of conversation.”
  • “Your breath holds the key to you allowing that flow back in. It’s so simple and yet we underestimate the power of it because we take our breath for granted all of the time.”
  • “What holds you back is that most of the time, when you go into that contracted space, you move into your head and you start thinking from that place of limitation. And what happens when you think from that place of limitation is that you get stuck where you are, or you go backwards.”
  • “You cannot make smart decisions when you are stressed and you cannot make smart decisions when you are in contraction.”

What comes after expansion?

You know that feeling when you’re like ‘everything is possible and limitless’ and everything is just going really well for you.

And then you come back down to earth, reality kicks in and you contract and hide.

Well what happens is your messaging becomes off and the way you show up isn’t as deep and rich as you want it to be.

This episode is taken from one of my FREE live coaching sessions in The Quantum Success Hub Facebook group where I discuss getting back into that expansive openness after you’ve had a big win.

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