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What does it feel like to create magic?

I first wrote this after asking myself the question, ‘What would I write if I wasn’t afraid?’ and this came pouring through me. It felt a bit naughty. Like I shouldn’t be writing it because it wasn’t explicitly about messaging. What if people were confused by it? What if? What if? What if?

So here’s the thing I’ve realised since moving to the magic land.

It’s safe for me to let go.
It’s safe for me to tune in.
It’s safe for me to break my own rules.

It’s strange because it feels as though I’ve almost had two months off from my business. It wasn’t deliberate but, combined with being in Mexico (which is blowing my mind right now), chance meetings with women I feel like I’ve known for a lifetime and the clarity that I believe comes with over two months of not drinking, I have never felt more on the edge of something that is going to be absolutely life-changing for both you and me.

So if you’re up for the ride, get on the bus!

If you want to play the game with me this week, I invite you to ask yourself, ‘What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?’ every time you feel stuck, confused, worried or blocked and to see where the Game of Life takes you. I promise you, you’ll be led down paths that you had never expected and miracles will unfold like magic.


Three manifestation myths and why you’re blocked

The free house.
The move across to the other side of the world.
The soul sisters.
The multiple-7-figure business.

The top three are things I’ve manifested in the last 12 months; the bottom one is the one I’m working on right now.

The thing is, I forgot.

I forgot what I believed in, and guess what happened? By my own standards, the ‘manifesting magic’ stopped too.


Myth #1: manifestation is easy, quick and magical

When you’re starting out, unless your an unconscious competent and you have this shit down (in a way that is working for you) without even realising it, manifesting is a headfuck. I know, that’s not what the manifesting gurus will have you hear, but here’s my truth from my own experience and what I’ve observed working with hundreds of clients on this stuff. At the start, you might get this beautiful morsel of breadcrumbs that leaves you feeling excited, expectant and hopeful. You soak up all the information that makes manifesting sound like it’s a magic wand and you lap it all up. You might even play around with it for a while. Perhaps you get some results worthy of raising an eyebrow, but let’s face it, it could just be coincidence, right?

And writing down affirmations, surrendering, believing and meditating – to name just a few of the most common things in the manifestation toolkit – for what’s probably just a coincidence is hard fricking work, right?

But you’re in it. Kind of.

And you might even keep it up for a day, a week or perhaps even a month or two before life gets in the way and you just stop.

I get it. I’ve done it, in fact I do it regularly and the flow stops and I think WTF? And I too have asked the question, ‘What is all of this anyway and why isn’t it working, like, yesterday?’.

The number 1 reason it’s not working is: you don’t really believe it’s possible to create everything you want because it feels…

  • too much
  • too big
  • too greedy
  • too selfish
  • too unnecessary

… and you know this list could go on for an age…

Some people will tell you that you don’t need to believe in your dreams for them to come true and cite example of times when they genuinely didn’t believe they were smart enough to:

  • pass the test
  • win The X Factor
  • win the lottery
  • get their dream job

There will be people who will tell you that they never believed it could really be for them, and while I’m happy to acknowledge that there are always exceptions to the rule, I’m also going to say I call bullshit on 99% of the people that say that.

Why do I know that to be the case?


Myth #2: it’s all about the action – what you say and believe doesn’t matter

Yes, it’s about how you choose to show up (yes, how you’re choosing to show up today, now, right in this moment), where you’re choosing to focus your attention, what you’re choosing to do, how you act and how you play.

But it’s also about what you choose to say. Yes, when it comes to more freedom, more choice, more clients, greater impact – All. Of. The. Things. – it starts with what you say (to yourself and to the world) and then with what you do.

For sure, I have A LOT to share with you when it comes to being + doing in regard to manifestation too, but that’s another post. Right now, let’s talk about what you SAY and what you BELIEVE.

The person who says they truly believe they are going to fail, doesn’t show up. They don’t study for the test in the same way that someone who believes that success is their birthright. They skate around the perimeters, half in, half out, hoping and praying, or afraid to go all in ‘just in case’ (you know that one, right?).

They don’t go to the audition.

They don’t buy the lottery ticket.

Their action or inaction (and of course the way they choose to do what they do and how they are feeling about what they are doing at any given point matters too) tells you everything you need to know about whether they truly believe that the thing they are dreaming about could become their reality.

Now this doesn’t mean I’m saying that, just by believing, your desire is a done deal, but I am saying that how you choose to think, what you choose to say and who you choose to be will determine what you do and how you do it, and the clues are always there.


Myth #3: frequency is a complex concept

All of these points are so intertwined it makes me feel buzzy.

A totally valid question at this point is, ‘WTF is frequency and how the fuck do we align to it?’. Frequency is one of the most misunderstood and under-talked-about elements of manifestation for sure, but understanding it is your key to stepping into Wonderland.

Everything you can see with your naked eye and more importantly everything you can’t see – your soul, your ideas, your energy – is vibrating at a very specific frequency.

This is an easy concept for us to grasp when we’re thinking about the bed, the door, the table, the plant, but not so much when we’re thinking about the intangible stuff. The idea that every thought we have immediately creates not just an opportunity but a new reality that has its own unique frequency, sounds like crazy talk to many. Yet whether we believe that this reality can be our own or not will determine our actions: we will be the person who energetically aligns to the frequency of our idea (i.e. show up doing what we need to do and being the person we need to be to turn our dream into a reality) or we won’t.

Most people’s heads get in the way of claiming their reality on a daily basis.
Most people’s heads get in the way of believing that their dream is possible – for them.
Most people allow other people’s negative beliefs to get in the way of taking the action required – for them.

A person who intrinsically believes that the new reality they have created in their mind is already on their way to them, will start to think, act, do and be different. Their very being will begin to vibrate at a new frequency – the frequency that aligns with the success that they desire.

Imagine for a moment that your number 1 dream was already done, there and waiting for you to collect.

How would you feel?


More playful?

More at ease?

When it comes to your business, how would you choose to secure your clients?

How would you show up for your people?

What would you choose to say?

How would you be different from what you’re being and doing today?

Some people would say nothing and would change nothing, but I call bullshit on that too, because if you were already being and doing what you needed to align with your highest vision, you’d already have what it is you desire.

So what’s the biggest thing that’s holding you back?

The lack of understanding about who you really are and what you’re truly capable of.

And when it comes to your businesses, it S.T.O.P.S. you dead in your tracks from communicating the MESSAGE you were born to share.

You see how it’s all connected?

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