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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:57 The mindset piece of breaking agreements
  • 08:18 The strategic part
  • 11:49 What to do when these challenges happen
  • 14:44 Having your systems in place
  • “If you are building and scaling a business where you’re bringing more people into your business, it is likely just because of the law of averages, that you will have more people who run into issues.”
  • “When you are not in alignment and acting in integrity with agreements and commitments that you have made, you are going to get that back in your business.”
  • “When you’re really clear about the value there is for somebody being in your space, being in your energy, you’re going to start to, again, attract people who are very clear on that too. You’re going to be a match for the people who respect what it is that you’re creating as much as you do.”

What happens when a client can’t pay their bill?

What’s really interesting is that the bigger a business gets, frequently but not always, the more you can expect this to happen, especially when you set up recurring income systems.

Energetically, I definitely think that there are things that we get to look at when we notice that people are frequently breaking their agreements with us.

And as always, with pretty much everything that I do, there’s a two pronged approach to this.

So if you are in this boat, whether it is a client paying their bill or somebody breaking their agreements with you, find out what to do in this episode.

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