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What launching gets to look like

I always say, be the model, not the mirror.


And I cannot be more clear and more transparent when I say the work that I am here to do, I know is here to impact millions of people.


Right now I’m in the vibration of tens of thousands, and I get to elevate that again to step into the millions.


Even though I know 98% of people who sign up for my free coaching series, will never ever go on to work with us, that still doesn’t mean that I don’t get to touch their lives and influence the way that they think and the way that they show up in their business and in their life.


Why I love doing free coaching


There is nothing that gives me more joy and more pleasure than when somebody who shows up for a week of free coaching actually just shows up, and for themselves.


And then they come into the group and post things like, ‘guess what? I was really geared up after the call, I decided to raise my rates and I just made my highest sale ever of £4,500.’


This is why I love doing coaching weeks, showing up just with the intention of making a difference. I think that in our industry, we either get so obsessed with having the next biggest launch, proving ourselves and not wanting to look like a failure that it’s easy to get distracted from really tuning into why we are doing what we are doing.


And we are here to help people. We are here to make a difference. And for those of you who know me well, you know that I don’t want that difference to be a ripple effect. I want it to be a freaking tidal wave.


Be the model


One of the people in my coaching series said, ‘I came to see you and I saw myself’ and that blew me away. I think that the people that make the biggest difference in my life, are a mirror for me. So from our perspective as the coach, we want to model what is possible.


Often when people come to us in that first instance, they are not living into their fullest potential. They’re not being the biggest and the best versions of themselves. They’re still playing a way smaller game because they haven’t given themselves permission to step up and into their limitlessness. And so we don’t want to be a mirror of their smallness. We want to be the model of their greatness.


Anybody that I am attracted to, who I see is really illuminated, is really glowing, shining, is making the impact that they desire to make in this world. They’re writing books, talking to thousands of people, creating beautiful, amazing content.


Every single person that I see in that space and doing those things and being that person is not just a model for me, they are also a mirror of the part of me that is already willing and available for that vibration. And if that wasn’t in me, then I wouldn’t be able to see it. I wouldn’t be able to feel it and I wouldn’t resonate with it. I would just walk on by. I would be triggered by it and maybe irritated by it that I’d be like ‘hmm, not for me.’


Speaking into expansion


When I feel into an even deeper level of expansion, I get to speak that into existence. And as I am doing right here, I shorten the timeline. I get to recalibrate my frequency just a little bit more, to be more in alignment with those desires, wishes, hopes and decisions to be that person.

Here’s an invitation for you to see where can you speak that into existence? Where’s the stretch? Where’s the limitlessness and where’s the growth zone? Where’s that opportunity for you to speak the new expanded version of what gets to be your reality into existence?


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