What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed

by | Feb 8, 2021



I know it’s not helpful when you’re feeling really overwhelmed for someone just to say chill out, overwhelm is a choice (argh!). Which by the way if you don’t know what I mean go back and listen to podcast 9 before this one.


This episode is all about ACTIONABLE and PRACTICAL steps to take, to get you out of your head and onto paper quite literally.


Listen then implement.


Faith + Action = Miracles x



  • [03:04] What does overwhelm actually feel like and what it doesn’t need to be like
  • [05:54] My position when I’m feeling like I’m overwhelmed and how I respond
  • [08:05] The power of a brain dump and an insight into my to-do list
  • [11:02] A diary/calendar trick to do



  • “When we are talking about the creation of anything, the manifestation of anything, the first thing that I will always say to a client and the first thing that I’m always thinking about for myself is, what do I need to release in order for this next level to have the space to come in.”
  • “You have to create spaciousness in your mind, in your body and in your heart for any expansion.”
  • “When you are working, good enough is done, things generally aren’t perfect and that is okay.”




You can read the transcript here.


Faith + Action = Miracles

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