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What’s love got to do with it?

In the immortal words of Tina Turner…everything.

This one’s all about me…and of course you.

As I hurtle towards 42, I’ve noticed more movement than ever before and no, I’m not talking about sagging butt cheeks or my wrinkly belly.

I’m talking about the, at times, overwhelming desire to KNOW.
To have all of the answers.
To extinguish all doubt that hints of me not being on the right path.

And it’s interesting to observe.

In my twenties, there was no doubt, because there was very little thought.

In my early thirties, there was more awareness, about the mistakes, the selfishness, the thought-less-ness.

And on the whole, I was lucky, I appreciated life.

But the doubt had started to creep in.

As then I got older.
More death.

And the realization I wasn’t 20 anymore and all of the things I was just so certain about.

E.g knowing it all.

Gradually, very gradually, I realised that not only did I not know it all, I was really close to not having a clue about anything.

Fun and carefree, twenty-year-old Suze, felt a little heavier (no, not just in the butt).

And thoughtlessness turned into overthinking.

My mind.

Oh my god. My mind went into overdrive.

Thinking. Thinking. Thinking.

About everything.

Trying to work it out, with the benefit of experience and yet rather than feeling easier, because of all the places I had been and all the things I had done, it felt harder.

There was more fear.
More concern.
More worry about getting it wrong.

Live and let live.

Yeah right,

All of the fucking judgment.

All. Of. The. judgment.

So many thoughts, laced with it.

And yet all the while a seed, something, saying you’re looking in the wrong direction.

You’re thinking in the wrong direction.

Kept tugging away, until at last, I couldn’t not listen.

And the search began in earnest.

And still, what I was looking for though, at that point, I wasn’t quite sure….

Being my own boss.
A book.
A husband.
Invitations to all of the best parties.

Nope, still not enough.

Still looking.

Still searching.

What the fuck was I looking for?

And slowly, very slowly and perhaps more rapidly over the last 2 years especially.

The nudge to go beyond my mind was so strong that I couldn’t ignore it.

It started with getting my hypnotherapy and psychotherapy diploma.

And then exploration into the quantum field, consciousness, emotions and meditation.

And most recently plant and toad medicine.

And do you know what I found?

This will make you laugh.

What I found at the ‘end of the rainbow’. The thing that I had been looking for.

The thing that I had been searching for.

The thing that I had been yearning for so fucking deeply.

Was the knowledge and the feeling and the knowing that I am so madly, truly, deeply loved that no matter what I will ALWAYS be enough.

Now here’s where it gets interesting:

Because, what I have learned particularly through using the tools of plant medicine. Is that the type of love that I am talking about isn’t something that you can access through the mind as traditional science will tell you.

The invitation I accepted when I went into ceremony was to go beyond the mind into the quantum field, where I was taken back to the wisdom of the heart and the body.

What I was guided to remember is:

‘In the beginning and in the end all there is, is a madly, deeply, soul opening, life affirming love.’

And anything else that takes you out of that i.e your whole human existence, as we search for affirmation, confirmation, acceptance, in all of the wrong places, contributes to your forgetting.

Now, the ‘game of life’ is not only about remembering, but allowing yourself to feel the love.

Soooooooooo what’s all this got to do with the price of eggs…or business?

Well, kind of everything.


Over the years we learn in a lot of places from a lot of people, media, friends, family, life that we are not enough.

Not worthy enough.

Not deserving enough.

Not good enough.

And it is from the place of disempowerment and fear of everyone else realising that we’re not good enough, we make decisions that do not serve ourselves, the planet or the rest of humanity.

We settle for less than our soul desires.
We treat ourselves like poop.
We eat crap.
We undercharge.
We stay in relationships that are not of the highest.
We refuse to put ourselves out there.
We keep ourselves hidden in case we are not accepted.
We pretend to want less because less feel easier or more appropriate.
We lie to ourselves.
We are mean to ourselves.
And the list. Goes. On.

Forgetting that love is the most powerful tool in our built-in armoury and the key to all that we desire.

We have forgotten that it doesn’t come from the outside (the celebrities who have millions of people, parents, and partners that love them dearly and still take their own lives). It comes from within.

And it is because we have forgotten, we act like small, limited beings, happy to accept the scraps of what life will give us.

Or get fooled into believing that it’s through stuff and achievement that we will finally feel that love that we sometimes don’t even realise that we crave.

Which is why so many end up ultimately living a life of emptiness despite everything looking so glitzy and glam on the outside.

And so….

Where does this leave us?

Here’s what I know to be true:

You are a fucking powerful galactic being.
Your body is literally made up of stardust.
You have unique gifts that you were literally born to share with the world.Your soul has desires that don’t come from a place of wanting.

That doesn’t come from a place of lack.
That comes from a placing of knowing abundance and expansion in all it’s forms it part of the Universal game of life.


Until you step back into remembering who you are and what you have at your disposal, it is extremely difficult, almost impossible for you to tune into what it is your soul is craving, because of this lifetime of conditioning around lack.

So, how you start to remove the layers of bullshit that tell you, you are limited is:

1: First raise your hand and say that I am willing to see myself differently.
You need to be prepared to say, I am willing to live my life differently. I am will to expand into expand into all that there is of me.

Step 2: Next step is to give yourself permission to go beyond what your mind has always told you about what is acceptable, or what is laid out for you. Or ‘this is the way’.

I’m talking about tuning into that that is both simultaneously bigger than you and is you. (it’s a trip and a bloody great one.)

Allowing your soul’s desires to come through, by systematically letting go of all the things, stories, and history that has been keeping you from stepping into who you really are.

Step 3: Whilst simultaneously choosing day by day, moment by moment, love over judgment for yourself.

Even if you only did steps one and three you irrevocably change the way that you show up.

And for those of you are interested in step 2. Going beyond the mind and actually tap into the wisdom of the heart, body and the quantum to revolutionise the way you show up in life and business….#thebecomingiscoming


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