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I hope today is treating all of you well!


And if it has, well I hope you’re ready for it to get even better… because today we have none other than Finn Prevett as a special guest!


Finn Prevett, author and co-founder of The Positive Planner with Ali, is a mental health specialist and successful businesswoman, publishing novels centred around wellness and mental health, as well as an ongoing blog that covers specific questions and doubts concerning mental wellbeing for both adults and children. You can find more of her amazing work here!


In this episode, Finn will be telling us all about her journey from her beginnings in the hairdressing industry, where her highly successful hair salon led her, her beginning in working in the mental health field, and what the future holds for her.


It’s a bit of a long one, but trust me, it’s oh so worth it!




  • [03:57] Finn’s early life and entrepreneurial endeavours
  • [14:09] Transitioning from a service-based business to a product-based business
  • [18:14] A supporting and complementing partner
  • [20:24] A complicated childbirth and the birth of The Positive Planner
  • [30:35] Having no plan and being more selfish
  • [34:16] Dealing with COVID-19
  • [36:46] Conquering America
  • [41:23] Kenya
  • [46:09] Can you “cure” anxiety?
  • [52:18] The Positive Planner
  • [56:31] The Positive Doodle Diary for kids




  • “What I think is quite difficult when you’re living with a mental illness like bipolar, is that people tend to just see the really confident side of you and don’t necessarily see that like real depression.”
  • “We just got to the stage where it was just, it was so hard to make money. It was so hard to grow it.”
  • “I did find that very difficult, it made me feel, you know, lots of negative things, a failure, not good enough, all of this, but I do look at it now and see the successes from it.”
  • “I come first and, you know, I don’t need to be the martyr trying to do everything anymore.”
  • “And then suddenly you realise, but I’m, that, I’m not that person anymore. I’m never going to get back to myself, because myself is different now.“
  • “You know those times where you suddenly just think ‘I don’t really know who I am anymore?’ That’s what The Positive Planner is really good for.”





You can read the transcript here.


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