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Be your best ally, not your worst enemy

To make it big as a female entrepreneur in a modern environment, you have to put in so much effort on a daily basis-


But it is an immensely, massively rewarding experience! Especially nowadays, when thanks to the internet we have access to so many blogs, podcasts, and books all produced and starring successful famous businesswomen… 


…although it’s by no means an easy journey, it’s one that is full of inspiring figures and mantras.




We sometimes still struggle, don’t we?


Not because of some outside force or someone else holding us back…


…but because WE, are holding ourselves back. We doubt ourselves, second guess our ventures, and constantly worry.


Is this the right decision?


Will this fulfill me spiritually?


Could I do this differently?


And to all this- I know it’s almost a cliché to say it, but you have. To. Stop!
Stop thinking of yourself as a weight on your own success, and let yourself shine like you deserve to!


Let go of your own hand


We all fear leaving people behind our wake when we uplevel, when we finally reach our goals and ambitions… but we know that upleveling is a purely personal obstacle, spiritually and mentally, and that all it takes to centre yourself is to realign your energy into the right scope.


Because we realise, there’s no such thing as leaving people behind, and everything can be in reach if we want it to be.


…and that should be no different applied to yourself!


Don’t let yourself think that you’ll leave something behind, or that you’ll be different, just because you’re more successful. Remember that you have earned your goals.


And once you’ve taken that into mind, you can start to act.


“What do I know that I could or should be doing right now, that is going to take me one step closer to achieving my desires?”  


So stop being afraid of yourself, being afraid of shortcomings you never had in the first place! Manifest your dreams and your ambitions, and act now, like you’ve always wanted to.



Faith + Actions = Miracles


All the love,


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