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How did I get here? In this episode, I take you through my journey leaving the corporate world into becoming a 7-figure business mentor.


Truthfully, I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted, but I WAS 100% sure what I didn’t want which was building a career in something my heart and soul wasn’t fully in.


I’ve had three major transitions in my working life. I have shifted, pivoted and changed what I’m doing A LOT and things have always got better and better but one of the most common questions I get asked is HOW did I make the jump?


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  • [02:06] My thoughts when moving from the corporate world
  • [04:01] How I came to decide what it was I wanted to do
  • [06:45] The strategy that got me started
  • [07:47] The transition into quantum transformation and a 7-figure business




  • “When I think about how I made these moves, it was so much easier than I think most people make it.”
  • ”Serve an audience that is being underserved.”
  • “If you can talk about what you’re doing powerfully, and you can get your head out of the way you are going to win.”
  • “Go beyond the limitations of your mind and play in the quantum field so that you are able to create a six figure breakthrough in your business fast by using simplistic business strategy, combined with deep personal development.”





You can read the transcript here.


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