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How I made the jump from corporate to business mentor

Believe it or not I didn’t always know I wanted to be a 7-figure business coach (haha!) but it came about after pivoting, shifting and changing a lot throughout my working life.


I had a lot of haters and doubters along the way and I wasn’t always 100% sure of exactly what it was that I wanted but I did know that I wanted to build a career in something that my heart and soul was fully aligned with.


So how did I get here?


The First Transition


Well it started when I was working in journalism at a respected newspaper and I simply just decided that I no longer wanted the 9-5 and instead wanted to create something of my own. So, I left and retrained in hypnobirthing and psychotherapy, knowing that I could always go back to any old job if it didn’t work out. Well it did, I actually created the world’s first video based hypnobirthing programme whilst learning loads and loads about marketing.


However, I soon realised after about 6 months in that I wasn’t actually OBSESSED by birth and breastfeeding and so on. I was actually obsessed with the business strategies and marketing side of things.


My business coach at the time asked me if I could do absolutely anything, what would I do and I replied “I’d teach people what I’ve just done in building a business.”


And so I moved into a business mentor…


The Second Transition


What was interesting is that people had already been asking me how did I do that, how have I made a big splash in a market dominated by three major players at the time. 


One way to make a difference quickly in the market is to serve an audience that is being underserved.


I started helping baby business owners build their brand, business and make their first £1,000 online. I started small and did 30 free coaching sessions which I got 4 paying clients out of and had my biggest month in business so far at that stage!


I used business strategy along with mindset that I’d learnt from psychotherapy, combined with messaging to help people show up in their business. It wasn’t rocket science but it was a great strategy.


The Third Transition


The final step was the quantum shift which happened earlier this year during the lockdown. After a short social media detox I decided I no longer wanted to solely focus on baby business owners and move to a broader audience.


I sold off my flagship programme and just decided that I was only going to serve impact driven creative entrepreneurs. And guess what? There were already people in my audience speaking my language and who wanted to work with me.


I got clear on what it was that I wanted and was bold in making my decision of who I wanted to work with and then I attracted those dreamboat clients!


And then the last great change has been really positioning myself as somebody who is going to help you go beyond the limitations of your mind and play in the quantum field so that you are able to create a six figure breakthrough in your business fast by using simplistic business strategy, combined with deep personal development.


I released my first programme during lockdown that had no business related to it at all. I just knew that this was what I’m passionate about. This is what is dying to come through me. And I trust that when I bring the fire, people are going to come to me that need to be in this program. 


So the lesson that I really want you to take from this is how do you make the transition? Just decide and make the freakin’ transition.


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Remember, Faith + Action = Miracles

All the love,

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