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3 Reasons Why Manifesting Isn’t Working for You

Is Your Manifestation Failing?

I have a fabulous episode for you all about why your manifestations may be failing. Even though in the new paradigm of thought, it’s really impossible to fail, people still want to know why my manifestation is not in my life yet.

The first point of failure is you are looking at the clock too often. You feel like it’s not happening fast enough, asking, ‘where is it already?’, and you are putting a timeframe on your manifestation.

Are You Fixated On The WHEN of Manifestation?

When you doubt your manifestation, you create a ping-pong wobbly energy which slows down your capacity to receive.

The moment you are willing to expand your timeline, the timeline becomes your lifetime, and you release the pressure to stay focused on what you’re creating. This is when you collapse the timeline.

But HOW Is It Going to Happen?

The next reason is a fixation on the HOW. When people want to create change, the first thing they go to is figuring out how the thing they want; and how this result is going to happen. But you first have to be a match for what you desire at your identity level.

Listen to the full episode now to learn how to release the how and manifest versus focusing on over-engineering the how.


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