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3 Reasons You’re Not Receiving More Sales In Your Business

There’s A LOT of Fear Out There Right Now

If you are a business owner, this is a juicy discussion you’ll want to take in. There’s a massive conversation going on right now about the cost of living, inflation, and a lot of fear and concern about how far our money gets to go.

If you are a business owner, you’re in a unique position in being able to create your own destiny. This is wrapped up in your ability to raise the price of your services. This is easier in some niches and what feels in alignment.

What is important is that if you are a business owner, you look at what you do and what is being required in the world right now and think creatively about your work.

Are You Aligned With Selling?

If you’re not selling as much as you like right now, I am sharing three things that may be blocking you. The first reason is you may not be aligned to selling. A part of you feels guilty and ashamed about asking for money at this time.

What I know is the economy NEEDS you to sell. People are still investing and buying. You need to be very clear on how you can serve others and the invitations you are making. If you feel uncomfortable selling energetically or take the “no” personally, you will self-sabotage to avoid feeling guilt and shame.

Listen to the full episode now to learn the next two reasons you’re not receiving more sales.

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