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3 Surprising Lessons I Received on My Birthday

I Remembered I Have So Much To Celebrate

In this episode, I share 3 surprising reminders and lessons I received on my birthday. Even though last year had the potential to be a total shitshow, it turned out quite amazing. I’ve traveled more than ever and have loved it. Though, there is a new and different energy coming through for 2023 with a more grounded energy.

When I reflected over the last year and reflected on my life, my business, and my kids, I am so grateful for what has transpired.

I want to share these 3 lessons that I wasn’t expecting. They’re not new lessons, they are more reminders. And whether it’s your birthday or not, I hope you can recognize these lessons and be in conscious receiving and manifestation.

I Almost Blocked Myself From Receiving

The first lesson is – it’s really easy to block yourself from consciously receiving when you’re operating from a place of, ‘it needs to look a certain way for it to count.”

Can you feel that? Are you holding expectations about how your life, your business, and your relationships are meant to look?

If you can relate, listen now to how I handled this first lesson and the next two lessons that shifted me back into full receiving mode and how I almost blocked myself from receiving the magic.

Listen to the full episode now, and learn the next two lessons and how you can step into receiving in ways that matter to you.

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