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6 figure launch secrets (that don’t involve selling your grandma or losing your shizzle)

I have just closed my biggest launch to date. I made £118K. This was a milestone for sure! 

I set a clear intention before this launch that I was going to do this, and I have. 


After I did a launch last year and didn’t get the results that I wanted (and broke myself trying), I knew that I had to do things differently. The way I was doing them wasn’t lighting me up. So since April 2019, I have been doing it differently. And I have had three out of four of my biggest months ever. 


The way I have executed the tactics of how I launch has completely changed, and this is me pulling back the curtain on the secrets to how I have done this.


SECRET #1: solve a problem

What is the problem you are going to be solving? Not the solution you are offering – the problem. Get really clear on, and speak about, this.


Example: I help people who are struggling to making £5K consistently on a monthly basis. 


Expert tip: show testimonials that speak about how people felt at the start as well as the end. If this is the first run focus on how someone feels at the start and how they will feel at the end.


SECRET #2: set yourself a goal

Make a goal that feels good and stretchy. 


The minute you stop trusting your intuition, it feels sticky. When your goal isn’t in alignment, you need to change it up. 


Example: I switched my goal from the number of people I wanted in my programme to the amount of money I wanted to make overall that month, and it made everything feel different.


SECRET #3: reach out to people before the course is ready

Reach out to those people you already think will be a good fit. Make it simple. You can add to your programme as you hear what it is the people you want in the programme want. 


You can make your amazing thing even better.


SECRET #4: do a mini-launch

In the middle of my launch for The One, I did a mini-launch called Magic Money, where I talked people through the energetics and mindset that was required to have the biggest month with money. I loved delivering this programme – it was quick, it was cheap and I had people who had amazing results.


I launched it by doing two Facebook lives, creating some social media graphics and reminding people that it was happening.


The beautiful thing about this is that I talked about the energetics and the mindset, not the strategy and practical. I spent 10 minutes at the end of each live asking if anyone wanted to go deeper. I also reached out to those I knew would be a good fit for Magic Money.


Your mini-launch can also be a challenge rather than a paid programme, but the difference is that people will get better results from a paid programme as they have invested and they show up differently.


SECRET #5: celebrate every single person who signs up

I celebrate every £7 and every £1000. I celebrate it publicly as well. 


Remember that what we focus on expands.


SECRET #6: create a freebie

Create a freebie that targets what you want to be providing for them. Then email them beyond giving the freebie:

  • to keep offering value
  • so they keep you front of mind
  • to remind them why they signed up 


Then invite them to a challenge.


For this launch, I wanted to give a lot of value and take everything and turn it all on its head. I was able to deliver that because I had taken the pressure off with secret #2, setting my stretchy goal that feels good. I have never had better feedback from a challenge.


I also kept talking about The One throughout, from the very beginning. I gave people time to think about it. You can also offer something like a scholarship to keep everyone showing up.


SECRET #7: take steps to reduce the stress

  • Simplify everything. People make things really complicated because they want to sell stuff. Having a framework helps and making sure your heart and soul are in the middle of the framework is essential.
  • Ask for the sale a lot. If you ask once and people say no, that is stressful. If you ask all the time, you feel less stressed. The more you ask, the less you will care about the ‘no’s, and then the more you will feel amazing when people say ‘YES!’.
  • Outsource. Don’t stop your life – focus on the fact that it will be what it will be. I felt at peace as I had made goals I felt good about. I knew I could adjust and move if things felt sticky or stopped feeling good.
  • Focus on your mindset and ask yourself:
    • Who do I need to be to get X?
    • What do I need to let go of to get X?
    • What structures do I need in place to get X?

So this is the breakdown of my most easeful (but highest-grossing) launch. I hope you find it helpful and if you think ‘I would LOVE more from you, Suzy!’, you NEED to come to The One Live. Check it out here.

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