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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 04:18 Showing up is about owning your shininess and your bigness and being that permission slip for other people.
  • 06:02 – If there’s a part of someone who’s inspired and woken up by what I’m doing, the inspiration is sparked. Even if my life is unrelatable.
  • 14:09 – 5-6 years ago, I shared this big, bold mission of wanting to help create over 50 millionaires. And that this would require an excess of 100 million dollars per year.
  • 28:40 – What do you say to people who feel it’s too late and should already be further along than when they are?
  • 37:37 – At the core, we are effectively consciousness experiencing itself to return with higher intelligence and wisdom.
  • 53:48 – 9 years ago, when I made my first million, I chose to embody that work feels like play.
  • When I centre myself back into service, all the stories drop away.
  • Stop trying to hold it; stop trying to make something happen. You can’t be in expansion and contraction at the same time.
  • I do the thing I love to do, and there’s always time for all of it. And I allow myself to be wildly supported.
  • You can unlock things through pleasure and navigating with higher and wiser intelligence.

A conversation with the manifestation queen Regan Hillyer

Hello, you gorgeous human. Welcome back to the Infinite Receiving podcast.

This is our first LIVE interview on the podcast, and I am beyond excited to share the most incredible human being, mentor, and friend, Regan Hillyer, who is quite simply a magical unicorn.

During this conversation, we explored the purpose and mission of becoming more of ourselves and asked ourselves, “how much more full of myself can I become?”

We also explored the relationship with time and how to have a more expanded experience with time. Regan shared, “Time is the same; our ascension is changing. It is increasing. We’re processing more of our divinity every minute. Our capacity to process more of myself is getting faster.”

During our conversation, we go to all of the essential places. We talk about wealth, success, and what it feels like to cross the $33 million mark in just ten months. We talk about love, the state of the world, and our vision and mission.

Listen to the full episode now to see what is possible and how to reframe your relationship to time, to your energy, and what it takes to create so much more than our minds can even perceive.

This is a long one. So grab a journal, pen, a cup of tea and a slice of cake. You’re in for a deep and wild ride of expansive possibilities.

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