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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:18 Reality check
  • 02:47 Finding what it is that you desire
  • 03:22 Using your time consciously
  • “You know, you say that you want to laugh. You say that you want to feel happier, but are you making space for happiness to come in?”
  • “Do you need to let the product go in order to create space for that newer, higher ticket thing?”
  • “Get very intentional about how you are using your time to consciously and actively, proactively, create, call-in, step in, embody, learn, whatever it is, the thing that you said is important to you.”

Are you making space for it?

Have you been making space for the thing that you have been saying that you want to do?

The thing that you desire to have, the person that you desire to expand into or attract etc.

This quick and dirty episode for you today is to help you get really, really honest with yourself, find what you desire and to help you embody it.

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