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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:20 Wanting to control the outcome of every single little thing and giving responsibility
  • 05:29 Goal setting and the power of repetitive affirmations
  • 07:46 My mindset shift and the biggest job I really have to do
  • 12:12 The feeling of happiness when the outward goals are achieved
  • “You can’t abdicate responsibility, but you can, and you should empower people to take the lead on getting the outcome that you desire without babysitting people.”
  • “A belief is just a thought that you keep on thinking” – Abraham Hicks
  • “Because I have gone through this process of setting a clear intention and embodying the frequency of that intention and taking a dream and allowing it to become my reality so many times, there is a whole new level of trust when it comes to me setting goals and intentions.”
  • “The truth of who I am is that I’m limitless, the truth of who you are is that you’re limitless. And in the remembering of that, everything else gets to be just so much fun.”

Detaching from the outcome

This is one of the most challenging and frequently contradictory pieces of advice that you will hear.

Detaching from the outcome because there are an infinite number of ways for you to get to a singular outcome.

It’s striking that balance between having a clear intention, letting things go because you can’t control people, things, outcomes and giving responsibility.

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