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Is it Time to Ditch Facebook Business Pages?

If I read one more post or blog complaining about the organic reach on Facebook going down the pan, I might hurt someone. Okay, maybe a bit OTT. But we know organic reach has gone down, this is not a new story. However, focussing our attention on that, is not going to gain us any new followers OR help us to engage with our current fans – if we have any.

Focus on organic reach takes us away from the real question of the day, should we even be bothering when it comes to business pages on Facebook anymore? It was only a couple of weeks ago, I had a client tell me she didn’t want to use a business page she just wanted to use a group to promote her new service. While this isn’t a completely off the wall idea I don’t think it’s a wise move and here’s why:

Getting to know you

Think of your Facebook business page as the place where you go to court your would-be clients. If they haven’t found you on Google, it might be the first place where they can get to know a bit about your message, your humour and what you stand for.

Your Target Audience Are Hanging Out on Facebook

This is where women who have had babies or are about to have babies are hanging out. And if you’re not utilizing this platform, where are you expecting your audience to find you? And if they are not hanging out on your page getting to know you, if your competitors are doing a good job, they will be hanging out on their pages getting to know them.

Consistent Strategy

When it comes to your Facebook business page you need to be strategic and consistent. It’s boring but it’s pretty much what it boils down to. Keep showing up.

Generate leads for your newsletter or freebies

Free promotion. Facebook also make it super easy for you to get people onto your mailing list by including the relatively new ‘sign up’ button on your header photo. You can link this up to the free content you are giving clients and it’s a very easy way to use to gain new subscribers for your email list.


Case Study

A great case study is The Calm Birth School FB page.  My business partner and I started the page late October/early November and just seven months later we have over 1300 likes and a pretty engaged page community.

What we didn’t do:

Take part in like ladders (this can be really effective IF you’re participating with an audience who are going to be genuinely interested in your services, random ‘like my page in non-targeted’ groups are unhelpful and they will ultimately cost you reach and money in the long run as Facebook will penalise you for not providing content that generates interest in your audience.

Run Like Campaigns – okay so that’s a slight fib, we did run a ‘like campaign for around 3 days when we first started up. However, we quickly saw the people who were liking us and quickly realised they were not our target audience and as above would do us more harm than good.

What We Did Do

Post strategically using Jackie Johnstones social media method. Whilst we have been religious about it. We have generally attempt to stick to four posts a day. Including a mix of interest, attraction and promotion and engagement.

We only asked friends who were peers or pregnant to like the page, rather than everyone on our friends list. This is because we knew that if we were going to be running advertising campaigns occasionally we would solely want to target our fans. Therefore, by only inviting people we knew were going to love our product or service so you don’t waste advertising spend on people who don’t get or have no interest in what you do.

Yes it really is that simple.

Two things.

Post consistently and relatively strategically.

And if I would to add a third key element to gaining engagement and followers. Add personality! I will be doing a little experiment over the next thirty days with the Baby Business School Facebook page, so if you haven’t already pop over and give me a like and watch to see how I can create the same magic again following my own advice. 🙂

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