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Case Study: How to make £4K from your first online launch when you’re not a not a business coach

I wanted to share this case study with you, knowing that for many of you, you will be able to relate to this. But first a little bit of context. The summer of this year was a crazy one for me as I was relaunching The Calm Birth Method book and it basically took up all the space I had in my brain. And during this time, unsurprisingly everything else in my business took a back seat. So, when the launch was over and done with I started to re-think about my ideal client and who exactly I wanted to work with and I got SUPER clear. So much so that within one week of redefining who my dreamboats are, I booked 4 of the women I had described exactly. One of these women is Mishelle Bee and it’s her story I will be sharing today.
Lesson 1: Get super clear on exactly who your ideal client is going to be.

When Mishelle and I spoke I knew she was a perfect fit for my new program The Limitless Life Experience and she knew immediately that she wanted to work with me on a VIP basis. This meant 1 x call a month and unlimited access to me on Messenger. Now, Mishelle has an amazing story, which I am sure you will hear one day and she totally understands the power of continuous development and mindset work. And while we discussed the different things she could launch, her absolute focus for the first two months of us working together was doing the work, going through The Experience and really nailing her own personal message, looking at what she needed to let go of in order to step into the highest vision for herself. Identifying where she needed to display more courage and much, much more. As we moved into Month 3 there had been a definite shift and Mishelle started to get very specific, on the things we had touched upon in previous calls with regards to launching her first ever group program to her Facebook group Mothers Who Manifest.
Lesson 2: Do the foundational mindset work first.

We looked at how she could engage her group on a deeper level and Mishelle decided she was going to run a 5 day journaling challenge.
Lesson 3: Prior to launching your product or service, gain engagement with your audience with a ‘launch trigger’ to share value, promote engagement and increase the know, like and trust factor.

The challenge involved daily emails and Facebook lives and got 81 people signed up and onto her email list….which is AMAZING.
Lesson 4: Always be building your email list.

Mishelle triumphed in getting over her fear of not knowing what to do with the technology, but got stuck in around home schooling her eldest child and looking after her baby. I’m sharing this with you because I want you to know she does not have oodles of time and putting together the challenge was tough for her. She fought her demons, looking fear in the face and did it anyway, which has paid off beyond measure.
Lessons 5 & 6: There is never a perfect time to start something new and don’t let the fear of not knowing how, stop you. Once you commit, the world, including technology you have no idea about HAS to fall into place.

After the challenge, Mishelle chose to take some time before launching into her 8 week course Co-Create with Connection, Courage & Confidence.
We had discussed the price A LOT. Should it be £297, £597, £555? Actually, my recommendation was to start where she felt comfortable for her early bird price and then raise it. Mishelle completely ignored me and went straight in at £444, now while I always recommend having an early bird, to encourage early sign ups, I was really pleased that she went in above her comfort zone.

And on the first day she launched, she immediately got her first sale.

And then nothing.

And then came the wobbles.

All totally normal.

The fear that no-one else would sign up. Wondering if the price was too high. Deciding that she wasn’t good enough to see it through….and I could go on.
Lesson 7: When doing something new there are always, always, always doubts this is totally normal and part of the game.

I smiled as every first launch starts like this. All of these worries and concerns are totally normal. We spoke pretty much daily over Messenger, where I was able to reflect back to her, why the program was so important and why she didn’t need to do anything other than stay present and keep sharing with her group. At first she didn’t believe me and I could feel it.

And so I went back to basics. First of all getting clear on the numbers. Mishelle had got 81 people signed up for her challenge and 31 of those people were active throughout the five days. So in terms of industry standards, if she got 4 people to sign up she would be doing amazingly well. I KNEW without a shadow of a doubt that she would get 4 people signed up to the program. When I asked Mishelle her target number, she wouldn’t share it with me, because she said she felt it was too big, I didn’t push it, but I asked her to release the pressure around getting the original goal and to give herself permission to go for the four….which she did.
Lesson 8: You have to be unattached from your goals to allow them in with ease. As soon as Mishelle, stopped pressurising herself, she was able to celebrate and enjoy every new sign up. Which is exactly where you want to be because what you focus on expands.

I also asked her to really zone in on all of the mindset work around seeing these women signing up and the transformation they would get by taking part. Of course, Mishelle did the work.

And half way through her cart open time she already had 4 women. YES!!!!!!!! But she still had another week to go, so what did she have to do? Keep sharing, keep adding value and keep letting people know how they could sign up.

She did the work. And pretty much every day another person joined her family, until she ended up with 9 women on the program. AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if you’re anything like me, you might have been wondering what Mishelle’s original goal was….well, it was 10 women. 10 women from 81 in the challenge and 31 people taking part is a truly stupendous number…and she almost hit it. It’s amazing. But she was only able to create the space to go way beyond the norm and what was expected when she released the need and her measure of success being 10. When she allowed it to be 4, the dreamies, kept on flowing in, and the really interesting thing is she kept all of the reminders and prompts for 10 women around her but….

In terms of revenue that equates to over £4000 which was an excellent return on investment in terms of The Limitless Life Experience, which of course Mishelle is joining us as a VIP again for the new extended (six month) party in January. But more than that it’s her first £4000 online just three weeks in from making the decision to say yes to running the challenge. This is a bigger than my first launch so this is SUPER exciting to me. That’s how quick it can be once you’ve put the foundation work in.
Lesson 10: Even though it only took Mishelle three weeks from the start of her challenge, to book £4K of revenue, she had been building up her group way before she started working with me. So, while it’s definitely possible to launch without an established audience, that costs money, this strategy didn’t.

Did Mishelle have wobbles throughout our time of working together? You bet she did, but that’s what I’m there for and boy it was worth it, because now we have another inspiring, strong woman out in the world, stepping into her power and helping others step into theirs.

And do you know what the really beautiful thing is? Mishelle is just one of MANY of the #Lifers who have done amazing things with their lives and in their business’ in just three and a half months. It’s insanely amazing and I’m really fricking proud of all of them. #Ilovemyjob!

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