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My time in Malawi has been life changing on a scale of EPIC proportions. I have seen women with 5, 6, 8 kids and disabled husbands make LIFE HAPPEN.

And when I say life. I mean getting up at 5am in the morning and returning home at 6pm to bring home the small amount of food that will keep her family alive.

I mean seeing the above woman take that type of impossible situation and not give up because she was too tired, or it was too hot, or she just didn’t feel like it, or she had a limiting belief about whether she was capable enough or not.

I mean seeing that woman grab the opportunity of changing her life with both hands when she was given the opportunity to learn about sustainable farming, and buy a pig, learn how to budget her crops so she could feed her family two meals a day, instead of one meal every two days.

I don’t think she said I’m not sure if this is for me because I’ve never done this before. Or I’m not really up for doing the things that will change mine and my family’s life today, because I’m just not feeling it, I just can’t seem to motivate myself. This feels a bit tricky because I read. Or this is all such new stuff I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed!

If you’re not feeling motivated to do the work and make the changes that WILL change your life today, frankly it’s because you are too f*cking comfortable. Life is too freaking easy and you know deep down that you’re not going to starve. Deep down even though you’re soul is dying just a little bit more every day you could keep up this charade of not being good enough, smart enough, resourceful enough for years. Picture that. Like it?

And do you know what the really ridiculous thing is by not doing the work you ARE starving. Starving yourself of the opportunity to change your world and by proxy the world around you.

You’re denying yourself of the opportunity to BE.THE.CHANGE. And do you know what’s really fucking annoying?

You’re whining about it.

Harsh? Yes.

True? You betcha.

I feel sorry for my clients because I’m not accepting that shit anymore. To pretend in any way shape or form that we do not have the power, the resources, the strength or the support to create the life that we desire is the biggest heap of BS and it will not be tolerated in my house anymore.
Don’t like this message?


You need to hear it 10x over.

Like this message, but not enough to actually get off your backside and whatever it is you know you need to do? I am no longer the mentor for you.

Know you need to get shit done and no longer want to buy into your own b.s and know that I will smell that shit out from a 100 miles away.

PM me to see if The Limitless Life Incubator or private coaching is going to be a good fit for you.


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