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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 03:08 The woman that taught me everything about an online business
  • 05:02 Going back to when I published my first book and the two big influencers in my life
  • 07:32 Perfectionism and going into detail to get better
  • 11:22 The bigger vision and goal and how to collapse the timeline
  • “The principles are timeless.”
  • “What underpins all of those strategies was the work that I did eight years ago in learning how to build an email list and writing to your email list on a weekly basis.”
  • “It just opened up a whole new world. And I definitely know that even if this wasn’t my affirmation, one of the people that I used to follow online had said one of her affirmations was, and my mentors become my friends.”
  • “I have to keep grounding back into the vision that goes way beyond the ego and the vision of impact and where I am at in my life and business.”
  • “For sure I want to collapse the timeline, but I don’t want to do that through hustling more or moving more quickly. That’s the difference. How do you collapse the timeline without rushing? You collapse the timeline through behaviour and focus.”

Speaking on stage with Lisa Nichols and Marie Forleo

This episode takes me back to what has really changed my life by working with some incredible people who have massively inspired and influenced me in the work that I’m doing now.

After speaking on stage at Expert Empires alongside Lisa Nichols and Marie Forleo, I’m keeping grounding myself back into the vision that goes way beyond the ego and into the vision of impact, and where I am at in my life and business right now.

Enjoy this short and sweet, inspiring episode for you.

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