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Does everybody have a message?

Today I wanted to talk to you about a question that I had in from one of the tribe members.  She was asking me the question, whether I thought it was possible that some people didn’t have a message.  My gut response to that was, “Absolutely not. Everybody has a message.”  She pushed back and said to me, “But what if some people don’t have a message?”

I was thinking to myself, sometimes people don’t have something to say.  Why is that?

Here is your answer:

What came up for me was, the people that don’t have anything to say, who are not particularly passionate about how they’re serving people,

it’s because they’re not working in their true calling.

Perhaps you are doing a job because it pays the bills, because it’s convenient, because it works around the kids, but it’s not the thing that you want to throw off the covers, work from five am in the morning, are really enthusiastic about how you can serve your audience and the transformation that you’re going to create.

You like it, but you’re not, “Ooh!”, like that about it. If that is the case for you but you have this desire to find out what your message is, I invite you to answer the following questions.

The first question is,

if money was no object, you knew you couldn’t fail, location wasn’t an issue, what would you choose to be doing on a daily basis for your work?

The answer that you come up for there, if that is not your calling, that’s the door to really exploring exactly what it is that you should be doing.

The second question is,

why do you think that that job is important to you? Why would that be the thing that you choose what you want to do?

Once you start playing around with the answers to those questions, you will get closer to what your true message is.

The other thing that I have learned through my own realization about what my message is, is how much of your own life story plays into the things that you want to do on a daily basis?  Often your own life story and the lessons that you have learned along the way, that you take for granted, how impactful those lessons are on the way you want to serve your audience.

Now, not everybody…

Some people will say, “I love art and if money wasn’t an object I would be painting for a living, but I’m not good enough.”

What Brene Brown says, and it really resonates with me, is that we don’t all have to be monetizing on message. If you are an artist but you really genuinely aren’t good enough to make money from it then do it as a hobby. Make time during your week to sit down and connect with yourself and allow your creativity to pour out onto the canvas or the paper or whatever it is you choose to do.

The same might be true or could be said if you are a writer but you don’t feel that you could make your writing work for you as a living, then get a personal blog. Your message, whilst I believe that a huge number of people do have the ability to monetize their message and that very much comes from understanding how to weave your unique life lessons into that message, and wrap it up in a pretty little bow and then send that out into the world for your tribe to purchase.

That’s not appropriate for everybody. If it’s not appropriate for you, see how you can incorporate your calling into your life for fun and serious business.

That’s my answer to you.

Does everybody have a message?


Can everybody monetize their message?

I believe that at least 80% of the world can.

If you fall into the 20% where it’s really about your skillset, you’re not quite skilled enough to be making money from it, then incorporate it into your life as a hobby, make sure that you have some outlet for the voice inside.

Remember, faith plus action equals miracles.

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  • The initial reaction I had to this was a bit like Lyra Belacqua in Northern Lights when she finds out that some people don’t have a deamon. The equivalent of having no soul. It puts me into a cold sweat! I still don’t believe that 20% of people don’t have a message. I just can’t. I feel like they just haven’t asked for help finding it yet.

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