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  • 6.14 “So even though there have been really tough moments, even though there’s been lots of grief, lots of pain, all of those things, overall, even when it was happening, I felt like I navigated it from a real place of power and potency.”
  • 14.04 “So I was saying certain things, and they (my clients) were like, you know what? Actually, no. That doesn’t fit in alignment. And it’s like, yes, like that. We’re here who really as coaches, it’s not about us having the blueprint for you. We’re here to ask you questions that activate your own sense of knowing, trust and intuition about how to move forward.”
  • 18.08  “People are like, new year, and all of that stuff, and I hate it. I was like, I am grabbing onto that with two hands. Like, there is a beautiful, energetic portal here that we get to take advantage of. And I am.”
  • I keep looking back at 2023 and going, oh, my God, I found you hard, genuinely, and I’ve got so much to say about 2023.
    So much of entrepreneurship is staying in the room – stay in the room.
    I do believe that clarity comes from taking action. You get the feedback.

First Solo Episode Back In The Saddle: Don’t Give Up!

I am BACK! It’s been a minute since you have had a solo Suzy episode. For those of you who have missed me, I have missed me too.

I have so much I want to share with you, 2023 was quite the year and I have entered 2024 feeling excited and expansive and ready to go.

For those of you who have felt like things just aren’t going to plan, I have a special message for you in here today.

Plus I’m, sharing the surprising way writing my new book, Infinite Receiving made me feel – you can get your copy of that right here and jump on in with us.

So, without further ado – sit back and enjoy me!

Faith + Action = Miracles

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