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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:33 What I’m experimenting with to tune in to my intuition
  • 04:07 The limitations that block us
  • 04:57 Our inner voice, not inner critic, that nearly stopped me wearing my gold sequin dress on the school run
  • 07:27 Test this theory on the small things so that you can test the muscle for the bigger decisions in your business
  • 10:01 Taking radical responsibility for the wins and the losses and living into our sovereignty and our limitlessness.
  • “One of the limitations that we are living into all of the time, quite unconsciously, is that this has to be hard.
  • “The answer to the question that you have about your ability and your capacity, the answer is always, yes, you are limitless.”
  • “I will always surround myself with people who are going to inspire me and challenge me when I run into a blind spot, because we are so good at living into our limitations, that we don’t even realize that we’re doing it.”
  • “In order for your business to shift and grow, you are going to have to shift and grow. If you bring exactly the same energy to your business, as you did last quarter, you can’t expect to get different results.”

Following intuition and do we really want to take radical responsibility?

It’s a big deal to be truly sovereign and it’s a big deal to act from beyond the limitations of our mind. I want to test the theory that when I listen, the answers are always there.

So are you clear on what you get to do differently in the next three months to build on whatever you created in the first quarter?

If you’re not, this episode is my number one recommendation for you…

NB: This episode is a live recording from Thrive Thursday in the Quantum Success Hub Facebook group.

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