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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • [01:16] When you’re feeling the pain of making changes
  • [03:26] The beautiful energy in The Freedom Experience and how I prevented contraction as it expands
  • [08:42] What it means to honour your mission and vision
  • [10:37] The honouring of your true self and the space I’ve been in lately
  • “All of these thoughts of shall I move away from my vision in order for me to feel more comfortable.”
  • “I am so grateful that I didn’t allow myself to contract in order to make other people feel happy and comfortable. I’m really so grateful and appreciative that I decided to honour what felt right, what felt like the right next step for me and my business.”
  • “This is not the race to get to the end destination first. The honouring of the mission and the vision is the taking of the steps. It is the journey that you get to go on.”
  • “Sometimes that next step is going to feel glorious and exciting and rich and all of those things. And other times it’s going to feel horrendous and scary and sickening.”

The sticky space between where you’ve been and where you are expanding

The sticky space is when you’re feeling the pain of making changes.

When people are watching what it is that you’re doing, and because you’re changing things, increasing your growth zone and you are going beyond previous boundaries, it feels wildly, wildly uncomfortable.

Perhaps you’re in that space where there is a lot of self doubt. Perhaps you’re wondering whether you should actually keep doing what you had always done, because it felt easier and everybody was way more happier.

This episode is for you lovely.

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