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How Open Are You to Receiving?

Hey lovelies, let’s talk about how open you are to receiving.

Over the Christmas period, one of my lovely clients posted a message that I thought was really interesting.  I won’t go into too much detail, but essentially she was put in a position where a person offered to help her out by buying some shopping for her.  She thought that this was absolutely amazing and her response was to be really grateful, really appreciative and transfer the money that the person had gifted to her from her bank account as soon as she had the opportunity to.

When I read that the first thing that crossed my mind was,

‘If that had happened to me I wouldn’t have transferred the money.’

Not because I didn’t have it but because I believe that life changed for me when I stopped feeling like I had to do it all on my own.  It happened around 18 months ago when I was reading a book and I was just kind of thinking about some of my own truths, what was working for me and what wasn’t.

Ready to learn more?

All of a sudden I just felt completely overwhelmed by the story that I’ve been telling myself for a very long time.  That story was if I don’t do it for myself nobody else will do it for me.  Basically, I’m all alone and I’ve said this so many times in my life, you come in on your own and you go out on your own.  So don’t rely on anybody else, it’s all on you.  Here’s the thing, my life was okay but it was also fucking hard sometimes.  When it’s all on you, when things get tough, when people let you down, when you have to ask for help – all of those things are incredibly difficult.  I had this realization that instead of being on my own, actually I am completely and utterly supported.  This was so transformative for me!

I looked for evidence of being fully supported in the situations that had been hardest for me in my lifetime.  I looked at the outcome and I looked at the lessons and I was able to frame those situations by understanding that if I hadn’t gone through X, Y, and Z and had those experiences I wouldn’t be where I am now.  I wouldn’t be able to share and I wouldn’t have learned what I have.  This has been really important for my core beliefs.

From that point on, one of the affirmations I have said to myself consistently is that I am fully supported.

What this means is that it’s not all on my shoulders anymore.  What this means is that I trust that there is always a bigger picture that sometimes I’m fully aware of and sometimes I have no idea of, but everything has an appropriate role to play in my life.  When I can’t see the answer I can ask for help and I know that I will get that help and support.  I just have to be open to receiving that insight, those downloads, those people; my guardian angels who present themselves in various different ways right across my life.  I just have to be open to receiving them to allow me to move onto the next stage.

When I read this story about the shopping, I felt that the reason that I would have accepted that as in all areas of my life.  It doesn’t matter where those gifts come from, I am open to seeing and receiving them in every single area of my life.

For those of you who are into Denise Duffield-Thomas, the Lucky Bitch, she talks about the fact that even though she is a millionaire now that she still picks up the 5p off the floor, the 1p off the floor, the 2p off the floor because she wants to demonstrate that she’s still open to receiving money in all shapes and forms without judgment, gifts from the universe.

Being open to receiving the gifts that are presented to you is hugely important, particularly if you are feeling blocked, stuck, that you don’t have the revenue in the business that you want, you’re not getting anywhere with the relationships that you want, make sure that you are not throwing gifts back into people’s or the universe’s faces. Let people know, let the universe know that you are open to receiving and that you are worthy of receiving.  That you don’t have to push back.

Accept that you can move into the space feeling fully supported and allow yourself to be supported.

So have a think about where can you be more open to receiving?  Where have you said no, that actually on reflection next time you’re presented with a situation like that you can start saying yes?  It’s all about exchanges of energy.  What we want to be able to do is when we’re in receipt in one hand we want to be letting it flow out with the other hand.  It doesn’t need to be as quick as that but it’s about give and take.  It’s okay to say yes to money, gifts, credit cards, surprises however they’re presented and feel very, very good about letting that flow out again so that you can then be receiving even more which will be really, really beautiful.


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  • Nike Asafa says:

    So true Suzy. A coach recently offered me a few hours of her time. I could not bring myself to accept. In previous life I was always the one who did the giving and my narrative then as it is now is that there’s no one for me, I can only rely on myself. I am still working on been comfortable with receiving ?.

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