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How to activate your inner leader

If you’re anything like me you will have felt the shift that 2020 has brought. We’ve gone through a global pandemic, followed by a number of human rights movements, and I know that it is not over yet. This year is calling us to step up.


The world is demanding a new type of leadership.


I personally believe that that leadership is going to come from a woman. And I believe that in order for one of us to be able to step up and join the ranks of people, like Jasinda Ardern, Oprah, that we have to be prepared to stop skating around on the surface. 


We have to be prepared to stop trying to avoid our bullshit. We have to be prepared to stop believing that we are not capable of handling challenges. 


With this in mind, I’ve come up with 3 steps that I believe you need to follow if you want to activate your inner leader and attract your dreamboat clients - the ones that you can really make a difference to.



Here goes:


  • Be prepared to go deeper


You have to be prepared to go deeper. You have to be prepared to go to the places that most people are too scared to go. Because on the other side of that pain and discomfort is where our liberation lies. And that’s where we start to glow. I believe that as we clear our channel of doubt, and fear, and guilt, and worry, and concern, we start to emit a signal of vibration, a frequency where we can't help, but attract other people who are either already vibrating at that level or who can see so clearly that that is the frequency band that they want to step into. And those people are prepared to do the work, to rise up. These people are your potential clients. 


  • Share your light


You have to make your ideal clients aware of the journey you’re on. So take them on it with you. Where are you avoiding yourself right now? Where are you saying yes, when you really mean no? Pick one area that feels sticky and face it, call yourself out on it and then share the process - document it so that others can see your journey from taking the shadow and transmuting it into light. Share it, document it, write a post on it. Because it's in that space that you start to differentiate yourself from all of the other people who are skating around on the surface, because they are afraid to go a little bit deeper and challenge themselves. You start to differentiate yourself from that lower vibration. You start to open yourself up to stepping into the next frequency band. And your potential clients feel it.


  • Call out your clients


Thirdly, you need to call them out on their shit. You need to make them feel uncomfortable when you know where they are hiding from themselves so acutely. You need to do things differently to every other coach in the world by really speaking directly to their fear, pain and passion and saying: ‘This is why you're experiencing this.’, ‘This is where you're holding yourself back.’, ‘This is what you don't want anybody to know about you - I know it, because many times I've been there.’. And in that discomfort, the people who are ready to step up will step up. These are the clients that you can make the biggest difference to. These are your people.


I really hope this helps.


If you want to check out Episode 60 of The Limitless Life Experience Podcast, where I talk some more on this subject - you can do that here.


All the love,




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