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How to live a limitless life

Dream and Do is a podcast for women who are ready to make changes: big and small.

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Nicola is  a Creative Mentor, mum and former people pleaser. You can visit her digital home here or hang out on the ‘Gram here.


In this podcast episode, we dive into:

  • Why being worried about annoying people is killing your business
  • How to detach your sense of self worth from business “failures”
  • The choice I make daily which means I stay in my own lane and put the work in (and you can too)
  • What you can do with the energy you’re wasting on other people’s social media. Hint: it is life-changing
  • How heartbreaking it is that people are scared to admit what they REALLY want
  • Releasing judgement, internal AND external
  • How important observing is


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