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I’m so excited to share my recent interview on Spirit Girls podcast – this is definitely one for my woo woo ladies!

Spirit Girls is a podcast hosted by the lovely Jessica Reid. In it, she channels through information from source energy to enlighten the new paradigm of consciousness. Subscribe to the show for all her insight on topics such as soul embodiment, purpose, working with spirit, intuition, manifesting, raising vibration and ascension.

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Jessica Reid is a global clairvoyant, channel, purpose fulfilment coach and wanderlusting entrepreneur. You can check out her beautiful website here.


In this podcast episode, we dive into:

  • How I became a Hay House author a different way than most
  • How I help my clients get their soul message “out there”
  • The Little Miracles Movement, that I’d be thrilled to have you join


To listen to the full episode, click here

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