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How your money story is impacting your message

Have I told you I’m a bit excited to be going ALL in on the Master Your Message challenge next week? I honestly can barely contain myself.

Over 1000 women (and a couple of guys) are in it with me and ready to absolutely rock and roll. I want it to be the best it can possibly be so obviously that means the Universe has been delivering messages about messaging EVERYWHERE.

It has been such a smack between the eye sockets that I had to share.

I’d guess that the concept of the feelings and beliefs you have about money impacts your message isn’t beyond belief for you.

The most obvious example is that the ease, speed and grace you attach to money, totally impacts the way you price your packages. If you assert that receiving money is difficult or painful, chances are your prices will reflect that. And then naturally, the pricing of your services impacts your positioning, which in turn impacts your messaging.

And now let’s look beyond the obvious.

Our money stories directly impact how we select our ideal clients and how we talk to them about money. We also make huge assumptions about their thoughts on money. And as always, the stuff going on between our ears (and in our hearts) is always reflected in those around us, in the people we see, attract and interact with.

When your belief about money lies in lack and struggle…
That nobody can afford to invest in themselves because life is hard, it’s the summer holidays, it’s nearly Christmas…
That when you finally do have sales everything will be different…

What kind of energy do you think you’re bringing to the table when you’re writing those blogs, jumping on Facebook Lives or posting Instagram Stories?

You’re motivated enough to do those things, which is amazing in itself when your core belief is that nobody is going to buy anyway, but I want you to think about the unspoken energy you’re bringing to every single post. Are you bringing the empowerment your people desire, or are you covering them in desperation and frustration?

For some people, I might be veering a bit far into woo territory, but that’s OK because I know that for at least one person reading this, the penny is about to drop (pun intended).

When it comes to messaging, your message matters. Your mindset about messaging matters. Your mindset around money matters too.

Just think on it. How has your money mindset been impacting the way you package and price AND how you communicate your message? I’d love to know.

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  • When I’m feeling really worried about money (or lack of) I spend way too long researching my competitors, looking at what they’re offering, how much they’re charging…doubting myself, and what happens is I end up offering discounts, special offers, give aways etc, which in turn impacts my self-esteem and devalues the services that I’m offering, and I even start to think no one will pay me a penny! It feels personal. And it doesn’t get me the results I desire.

    When I’m feeling positive and confident about what I need to earn, how that is broken down into the services I’m offering, the number of clients I’m going to get each month and the right charges to achieve that – then I stand tall, speak confidently, and tell them what they’ll get out of working with me. I think I’m charging a fair price for the transformation they will achieve by investing their time and resources in working with me. Then, I feel like I’m running a business. (I’m just not feeling that enough…)

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