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£47K E-Ecourse Case Study

So, I’m going to dive right into this as this is a loooooonnnng one. I’m outlining 7 of the things I didn’t do and a whole lot more that I did to manifest a £47,500 e-course launch(which wasn’t an e-course it’s an experience) with a live event and a 5 day challenge.

It’s also important to start by saying I have now been in business for 3 years, which in the online world almost makes me ‘veteran’. Almost. ? While this is only my 4th e-course launch, I have been selling one-to-one coaching, masterminds and retreats for the last two years like gang busters, which taught me a lot and of course I have invested in A LOT of programs, coaches and mentors to help me build my strategy.

To give you some context, my first e-course launch was the soft launch of The Calm Birth School, which at the time was the world’s first video based hypnobirthing program. I launched with my then business partner without much fanfare and in the first month grossed £2,259 and welcomed 22 new clients. We were off and it felt MASSIVE!

In May 2015 I launched The Baby Business School. Welcoming 8 new clients and grossing £1,653. Not bad for a new venture in a totally new niche. I was doing this thing.

I then re-launched The Baby Business School in September 2016 and doubled my launch numbers and welcomed 20 newbies in and did well in terms of revenue too. A whacking £5,676. This felt amazing, my hard work was paying off!

Both of these courses are evergreen (always available) so I’m always welcoming in clients outside of the launch periods.

In June 2017 I decided to launch again. This time with something new. I have been talking publicly about the importance of mindset for the last two years and working, learning, honing and crafting my own, for over 20.  This year in particular I have been even more focused on helping clients master their own mindset as well as sharing how they can differentiate themselves from the hordes of other people doing similar things to them by helping them nail their message. Showing them how to access their own, authentic voice and truth in a way that stops people in their tracks.

My new program The Limitless Life Experience goes into those two things in detail. Helping people create a business and a life that lights them up, by working on mindset and messaging to create consistent £5K months.

I welcomed in 52 people to the experience and grossed £47,532.

This is what I DIDN’T do/have to allow that to happen.


  • Have a fancy pants website. 

In fact my website is not so pretty at the moment (don’t look!). I only half finished re-branding, before I got distracted with…life. So my colours are all over the place and the home page copy no longer reflects my specialism.

  • I didn’t have a sales page 

Okay, well I did have a sales page, but it wasn’t finished until minutes before I officially finished the last day of the challenge.

  • I didn’t spend crazy money on ads.

I did invest in FB ads and spent quite of bit of money for me, but not in the grand scheme of things and I will let you know how that breaks down in my what I did do section.

  • Create the course first.

I didn’t create all of the content before I sold. This is important when you are creating a new online course. Whilst I knew exactly what was going to be in it, I chose not to build it until I knew that the course was going to fly.

  • Poll my audience.

I didn’t poll my audience to see if what I was creating was exactly what they wanted. I didn’t ask my audience what they wanted or needed, I knew that from the 160 paying clients I’ve been working with over the last two years through The Baby Business School and my private clients what they needed and most importantly I knew what I would most effectively be able to help people with. I could see the ones who were thriving and the ones who were not and I could feel the message I needed to share coming through me.

  • I don’t have a HUGE social media following.

My numbers are weeny. Less than a thousand people on Instagram and less than 1500 people on Facebook.

  • I didn’t do a three part video series

Nope. I know that is what many of the big guns do and it’s tempting to think that if you’re not launching like that, you’re not launching, but that isn’t the case.

  • I don’t have a massive email list.

My email list at the start of this challenge was tiny. I’ve been slowly, VERY slowly, building my list up for the last 3 years. When we started I was just over 1000. I want you to know that last year I hit my first six figures; I’m sharing this with you because anyone who tells you, you need to get your first 1000 followers before you can earn decent money online isn’t painting you the full picture.

Whilst you definitely DON’T need all of the above. The two things you definitely need in order to make a splash is your chosen field are your mindset and your message nailed down. Which, as that is my thing, obviously we had that in order. But what else do I need, read on. ?

  • Connection

As a mindset and messaging mentor this of course is one of the BIGGEST deals for the success of this program, in the lead up to the launch, I could barely discuss The Experience without crying (in a good way!). I was so connected and excited about serving my tribe in this new way that I couldn’t wait to share EVERYTHING about it.

  • Validated the Idea

I decided I was going to run my first in-person event where I would pitch The Limitless Life Experience from the stage, to see if people would get it and most importantantly would buy it. I know the power of being able to stand up and share with people in real life and if those ladies were not as excited as I was after a four hour workshop with me sharing and talking through the content about this non-typical approach for building their business, no one was buying. The exciting thing was 40 people paid for tickets to the event and 9 sales were made. That’s a great conversion rate.

Live Event Cost Breakdown

FB Ads + Management                  = £2263

Room Hire, VIP Dinner + Gifts     = £1200

Total                                                 = £3463

 It’s important to say that using a live event to launch an e-course is an unusual strategy, but being a public speaker has been one of the areas of my business I have been working on manifesting for a while. And rather than sit there waiting for someone to approach me, I decided I would create my own platform. It was SUCH an amazing experience. I will definitely be hosting more in-person workshops in the New Year, but there are definitely simpler and less pricey ways to validate you’re the program.



Tickets sold         – 40                =     £2000

VIP tickets sold – 10                  =     £970

Limitless Life Experience         =     £5737

Retreat space                              =     £2500

Gross Revenue                            = £11,207

Live Event Ticket Sale Structure

 While the cost of the tickets were £50, that is not what people paid up front. I chose to structure the cost of the ticket in a slightly more unusual way and I was pleased with the outcome. Attendees were charged £1.00 to register for the event and if they enjoyed the content they would be charged £49.00 the day after. If they didn’t enjoy the content they would be refunded their £1.00 and not charged anything further. This meant that although it was a paid event there was no risk for them, which was great.

My VIP tickets were offered after a person signed up for a regular ticket at an additional cost of £97 which was chargeable upfront. This meant that my VIP guests, whom received a gift bag and a chance to pick my brain over dinner, £150 in total for their tickets, but as they were charged the £49 the day after with the rest of my guests that figure is reflected in the standard ticket sale revenue.

What this meant for me, is I was able to pay for the cost of the venue and safely invest in my FB ads knowing that cost were pretty much covered, before I even stepped into the room.

My terms and conditions also stated that people had to turn up in order to be entitled to a refund. So the temptation for people to prioritize other things over themselves was greatly reduced and I had an 80% show up rate on the day. In contrast with free events where you are likely to get closer to a 20% show up rate.


My mindset around this event had been solidified after attending a workshop on how to fill live workshops and listening to one of the guest speakers who has eventually become my FB ads person, AKA The Marketing Geek, Martin-Jolley Jarvis. He spoke about how people wasted a lot of money on FB ads by spending £500 a month on someone who wasn’t very good and how it would be a far better investment to spend that investment running your own ads (badly). And it really struck a chord with me. I was the type of person who paid someone EXCELLENT to do my Facebook ads for me. I was up levelling.

And as you can see from the results it was well worth it. 

Phase 2

Under the Radar

 After the high of the live event, I decided to keep selling The Experience in a low key way to my email list. I did this by simply emailing them every week my regular newsletter and inviting people to hop on a call with me to discuss whether they thought it would be a good fit for them. I sold 6 additional spaces, three of those were VIP spots at an early bird price. At this point there was still no sales page.

Revenue Generate between July 19th and August 25th = £12,235

 Phase 3

 The launch

 I decided to launch using the 5 day challenge method. I had run a challenge before previously and despite it being really hard work, what I did love about it was the energy and fizz of having a whole group working on the same things at the same time. So I learnt my lessons from the first time around and implemented. This time around the challenge was half as long as I had done previously and I set very clear boundaries about what I would and wouldn’t be available for in terms of feedback. I.e. I wouldn’t be able to comment on every single video or post so please do not tag me to do so, or I might actually die and that wouldn’t be nice for anyone. The theme for the challenge was Master Your Message.

I started using FB ads approximately three weeks before the challenge, the strategy was to spend just over a week building up credibility and authority by sharing videos and useful content that didn’t require an opt in, then to follow that up with an opt in ad to get people on my list and then to re-target them to sign up for the challenge.Tot

Total FB Ad Spend = £5,592

 Actual spend on conversion ads (ads for the challenge) = £2,365

 Cost per lead = £6.35

 With regards to my opt in ads, which were not challenge related, I converted approximately 25% on one target audience and 20% on another.

Email List Growth

Before the challenge I was hovering around the 1,000 mark (just over).

Post challenge 1,400 (just over) I grew my list by 40%.

Challenge Execution

I pre-recorded videos for days 1 – 5 of the challenge and then provided live feedback and additional teaching and insight on the days task on my FB page.

I then promoted the live videos I did on my page to my email list and FB fans ensuring that more people got to see the additional feedback and content.

The feedback and energy of the challenge group which was stupendous. It was an amazing, amazing week, where EVERYONE got stuck in. We ended up with just over 500 people in the group. The challenge ran for 5 days and instead of inviting people to sign up for a webinar which is a pretty common way to end a 5 day challenge, I spoke to them about how they could keep the momentum and take the next step on my usual afternoon live.

I offered 5 fast action takers bonuses of a 45 minute coaching session with me and within the hour those first 5 calls were taken.

I then offered 3 more disappearing bonuses;

  1. Call with my business intuitive for 10 people
  2. A session with my FB ads man for the next 10 people
  3. An extended payment plan.

The cart was open from 2pm on Friday until 12pm on the Thursday and during the cart open period, 1 email was sent every day and 2 on the final day. I saw about 100 unsubscribes during this period.

So you might be thinking 12pm for a closing of the cart was a funny time to finish up, but I closed it for a reason. Read on sista.


The one thing that ran right throughout this launch, that I continued to do daily, was the mindset work that allowed me to:

Think bigger: One of the biggest stumbling blocks I help my clients get over is thinking small. In order to grow my launch revenue from £5K to £47K, I needed to elevate my thinking and what I thought was possible for me.

Vision and visualise: I have never been as passionate about the content of a course I have created as The Limitless Life Experience. The intention was clear, I knew I wanted to help my clients build the most impactful and transformative business they could by doing things differently to what most people are teaching in business programs. I know that to succeed in a way that feels, good, aligned and authentic you HAVE to do the inner work first. The was the vision for LLE, to guide my clients through the deep inner work, so they felt freer and more confident to take the big, bold moves that will help them have a deeper impact and the world and allow them to lean into living the life they truly desire.

Goal setting: I used a minimum, amazing and f*ck of ridiculous as my goals for the number of perfect fit women, I wanted to attract to the experience. What that played out as in actual numbers, was 30, 50 and 70. The number that I felt most aligned to was 50. That was the number I played around with during my visualisations.

Physical Manifesting: I pulled out all the stops, took manifesting walks, appreciation baths, verbal visualising, meditation, journaling and as many other things as I could create space for on a DAILY basis. All of which revolved around being of service to 50 amazing women.

So, when I hit 50, it felt like my work was done, I signed up 1 more person and then a second person sneaked through due to a technical hitch, but we finished up the launch at the grand total of 52 women, which felt amazing and this is why I was happy to close the cart at 12pm without any big push.

So, my final note on strategy vs mindset. 

With the exception of the live event, the strategy I used for this launch is used by many, many people every day and I encourage you to use it if it speaks to you. Some of you might be thinking why am I sharing all of my ‘secrets’? The truth is this strategy is used by many, many people all of the time and some people see amazing success with it and other people fall flat on their faces.

The reason some people don’t see success while others do, is never because the strategy is off, although execution of the strategy, may play a part in something not flying. The actual reason  is because 80% of the work is down to mindset. I was able to rock this launch because I was energetically aligned with everything I was doing, how I was feeling, how I was serving and what I was sharing. My thoughts, emotions and actions were all in alignment with the highest vision I had for The Experience and people felt it. That, combined with a message that resonated, I manifested 51 (there’s been 1 refund) perfect, perfect clients.  As I say to all of my clients 80% mindset, 20% strategy.

So if you know what it is you need to do, and feel like you’re finally ready to step up into the highest vision you have for yourself and your clients and know that it’s the mindset work you need to do in order to quantum leap into the next level. Fill the form below to book a call.

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