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How are You Keeping The Vibe High?

When I got up this morning, I noticed something decidedly different about how I have been feeling about work and the things I want to achieve over the next few weeks. After being woken up hella early, by a little boy and a wet bed and not being able to get back to sleep, instead of lying awake bitching about it. I decided I would read How to Be Fucking Awesome, a book by Dan Meredith…it’s good. I haven’t read anything I don’t already know, but it felt good to be reminded of the importance of the principles I am attempting to live and work by.

This book followed almost 2 hours of Joseph Murray’s, How to Create Wealth and Success, when driving to and fro from London yesterday. Lots of ideas on how to sharpen my affirmations and what he calls scientific prayer…I for-warn you, if copious references to God will either freak you out or annoy you, Joseph Murray is definitely not the author for you. Which was proceeded by half an hour of one of my online mentors talking about money mindset, creating impact and making sales.

Unfortunately, I missed a call with my mentor this week because of logistical and technological fails with my move. However, what is completely obvious to me is, after 3 days of being back into my meditation and journaling routine and immersing myself in content to help improve my mindset, I feel more fired up to carry out the work I need to do to fulfil my grand plans. J It’s only been just over a week, where I haven’t been in my zone, but it’s felt like a life time. I have no doubt in my mind that if I hadn’t completely got into this stuff. My Sunday morning would have been spent in bed wishing I was asleep, getting overwhelmed with my to-do list and irritated with my husband for snoring.

Instead, the positive content I have been consuming has reminded me of the highest vision I have for myself, so while I will definitely enjoy a catch up on some sleep with a daytime nap later on today, in the meantime, I’m going to do the jobs I need to do, to make my vision happen. And this in itself is a really good lesson. We are blessed to be in the internet age. Where inspiration and motivation are nothing but a couple of clicks away. I love how my mentor is able to personally tailor my ass kicking to my needs, but in her absence, I have a great library of resources that can help me keep the vibe alive.

This is so important when working on your own. Getting stuck in your own head is a dream killer. Keeping you in that feeling of overwhelm, stuckness (not a word but just go with it) and a sense of not knowing what the hell to do. If you have a mentor make sure you’re booked in for a session with him or her because there is nothing like getting a personalised action plan for where you’re going and reminder of just how far you have come. And in the meantime spend your time with people, books and/or videos that are going to inspire and spur you on to continue moving forward. If you find yourself engaging in chat with a Negative Nelly, stop it dead in your tracks. Don’t go there your one and only mission is to keep the vibe alive, because without the vibe you got nothing to play with.

So, surround yourself with positive people and content and remember your dream is there for the taking.

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