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Little miracles and why they’re important for your business

I’m on a mission to encourage people to start looking for all the little miracles that are happening in and around their lives.


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Unless we’re talking about the big things, it’s really easy to underplay, refuse to receive, refuse to notice all of these little things that are happening in our lives. 

I want you to notice what’s going on. Did someone hold the door open for you? Did a stranger smile at you or pay for your shopping? Is someone leaving you feeling inspired?


When you notice something that makes you smile, I want to encourage you to share it on Instagram, and tag me in your Story.


I’m sharing all of these #littlemiracles in my Story highlights, so whenever you’re not feeling fully supported, you come over and have a look at all the happy moments happening.


Why are these little miracles important for your business? 

In order to receive anything, particularly when we’re talking about a manifestation, when we’re talking about creating something out of nothing, when we’re talking about beating the odds, when we’re talking about setting goals that do feel big and are stretching you.

The higher your vibe, and the more you raise your frequency, and the more you expect good things to be happening to you, and the more you notice good things happening to you on a daily basis, the more you’ll be put in the best frame of mind to deal with the challenges, with the obstacles, with the things that aren’t going completely to plan. It gives you a head start.


If you don’t notice the little things, will you ever notice the big opportunities? 

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