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How to Manifest Anything you Want in 3 Easy Steps?

What struck me on the call with my mastermind ladies last night and in the group over the last couple of weeks, is how many of them are talking about their ideal clients walking through the door. And their ability to manifest more of what they want with ease. So what’s the deal? Why are they manifesting what they want left, right and centre?

Of course the answer is mindset and a lack of resistance to what they believe is possible for them.

Some of you will remember I went on a two day retreat at the end of February, where we looked at business, life and what we wanted to do in order to help us create our dreams. It became super clear that in order to do the things I love and only I can do, i.e. write content, support my communities, update and create new products I need help with the other parts of my business. The stuff I’m crap at and other people can do with ease, inbox management, technical assistance, social media scheduling and so on. So top of my desire list was a technical virtual assistant. So when I got home I took out my journal and I wrote the following:

“I am (notice I’m in present tense, writing as if it’s already happening) working with an amazing VA in my time zone who can think for herself and is able to anticipate what I might need without being over bearing. She has amazing attention to detail, working fast and efficiently. She treats me like I am the only client in her business. She is skilled in using OptimizePress and has an eye for basic design. I am happy to pay her every month because I feel she gives me excellent value for money. She can also help me put webinars and PowerPoint presentations together.”

A few days after that I started affirming almost daily in the intentions/affirmations I write out in my journal.

“I have an amazing team around me that anticipate my every need and get it spot on.”

And today 28 days after writing out my request, I interviewed a lady this morning who works with two very high profile women I respect, to fill this role of technical VA for me. There is no doubt in my mind she is the woman I have been looking for and I manifested her in less than a month. But the very interesting thing is yesterday, prior to me finding her in one of my online groups, I thought to myself, I’m not really taking any action on this. I’m affirming but I’m not really doing anything, so I’m going to commit to looking for 15 minutes a day until she turns up. Low and behold, later that afternoon I find a thread in which this ladies name is mentioned, we chat over email, she has just the right amount of hours left on her books for me AND she ticks all of my boxes.

Some would say it took me a month to manifest her.  I would say once I was in the right space to receive her and took action we’re pretty much looking at an instant manifestation.

So again, what gives? Let me break it down for you

Step 1 – Intend

The first thing we need to do when it comes to manifesting our desires is get clear on what it is we want. So like my letter, name it, the qualities it holds, how we want to feel and put it all out there for the Universe to hear.

Step 2 – Affirm and Believe

We have to believe that our desire is already out there waiting for us to claim it and this is where affirmations come in. What is a belief? It’s simply a thought we have repeated to ourselves over and over again. That’s how affirmations, when used properly, work they help to create new beliefs. I have used written affirmations to cement the belief I have the ideal team around me.  I believe BELIEF is the most important step.

So it’s like if you say okay, I’m going to win the jackpot on the lottery and you write it out, but you don’t believe it’s possible in your heart. You keep hearing your brain say things like ‘you’re more likely to get knocked over by a bus than win the lottery,’ it’s not going to happen.

The month I took to affirm my belief meant I had absolutely no resistance to the idea of working with my perfect team member.

Step 3 – Take inspired action to manifest

It was only when I’d been writing this out for a month that it finally struck me that I needed to take action in order to call this person in. I completely believed she or he was out there for me, but I was only ready to start looking yesterday. It’s not like I had expected her to fall into my lap, but it just hadn’t occurred to me to do anything more than affirm about it up to that point. So I start looking and later that day I manifest someone I believe is going to be perfect for me.

You really can have exactly what you want and whether you believe in law of attraction or not, it’s working for you. So if you want to get more conscious about things you create and attract into your life these are the steps to follow.

Set the intention

Affirm and believe your desire is already yours

Take positive and inspired action when you feel called to do so.

Watch how things manifest for you.


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