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My second book is coming

There has been an exciting development of my second book and it got me thinking about this idea of accountability that we seek, that it is actually really different from what it is.


So, I hired a wonderful book coach, Jessica Killingley, what feels like a lifetime ago and she has been very patient with me over the last few months whilst I get my sh*t together. I didn’t want to do it for a number of reasons, but mainly I think, so much was going on in my personal life that I just didn’t have the head space for it.

What I hired her for was to keep me accountable. The truth is you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. It doesn’t matter how good somebody can tell you to do it.

I took an intentional break for me to get the other things out of the way to make space for the book writing and I’d been saying to her in voice notes that the book is changing, because I have changed. We had a meeting where I brain dumped what was on my mind and in my heart. She went away then came back and laid out to me what she felt like I was saying, what she thought I would want to write and the structure she’d recommend. When she asked me what I thought about it, I was like ‘oh my goodness, of course, this feels like the thing 1000%.’

I don’t want to be that person who in a year’s time is still wanging on about their second book that they never wrote so I am going to have to be really intentional about creating space in my diary, which I’m not going to lie, feels like a mission.

We have to let some things go in order to create time and spaciousness for other things. But I feel really excited by this.

The universe

I know that people sometimes use the excuse, ‘I’m just going to wait to see what the universe has in store for me, I’m waiting for a sign’. But for me, just make the fricking decision and own the decision.

Sometimes you are not doing the thing that you were going to push to do. In other words, the thing that you decide that you’re not going to push to do, is absolutely creating space for the thing that is going to flow for you. I do not want you to use, ‘I’m not waiting for a sign’ to be the reason that you don’t make decisions and for allowing procrastination to dictate how you run your life.

What I know to be true without any shadow of a doubt, if I had continued with the schedule that I’d originally planned out with my book coach, I would have been pushing the book through from a place of, this is what I said I was going to do, so I am going to do it, and this is the content, even though I’m not feeling it a thousand percent, we’re just going to do it because that was the plan.

And I am so glad that I did not do that because what is now in front of me and what I now get to write is something that feels like it is going to be infinitely more powerful, infinitely more impactful, and infinitely more joyful for me to actually sit down and write, which means that you are going to enjoy reading it so much more too.


Here’s my invitation to you, to really tune in to the thing that you’ve been sitting on, and ask yourself, am I procrastinating because I don’t want to do this thing anymore? I don’t want to do it like I’m doing it? And if the answer is yes, ask yourself, do I need to take a break? Or, how can I do this in a way that feels easy, aligned, and fun? And whatever the answer is to that, do the thing.

This book is about planting the seeds of activation for freedom around the world and I know it’s going to help facilitate shifts in perspective, which according to a course in miracles, all a miracle is, is just your ability to look at something differently. And I cannot wait to share it with you.

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