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Playtime brings pay time

Taking time out is so important if you truly want to scale your business and live a limitless life. In this live session, I’m diving into this very topic…


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Take time out so you can keep showing up

Taking time out to fill your cup is a massive part of the puzzle if you want to scale your business. If you’re not taking time out to get inspired and feel good, then everything slows down, which makes it so much harder to be relentless in pursuing world domination!

That’s when we get totally sucked in by the idea that if we achieve that one goal, it’s going to change everything.

Are you putting all your focus on just one area right now?

People often think if they can get that one piece in The Telegraph or do one amazing webinar, their business is going to blow up.

For most people though, it just doesn’t work like that. Yes, a piece in the national press can give you credibility and authority, but it won’t make a huge difference to your bottom line.


Being relentless is what makes the real difference

Success is rarely down to one amazing thing. It’s ten pieces in The Telegraph. It’s being on every single podcast related to your business. It’s asking for the sale again and again. It’s showing up and doing your Facebook live and your blogs every damn day.

Success is down to taking consistent action and being relentless; relentless in the face of your successes and relentless in the face of your learning opportunities.


Keep going or pivot – but don’t stop

Please keep going. When you are tuned in enough to say ‘ok this isn’t working’, I don’t want you to stop, I want you to pivot.

Until then keep showing up and doing the work day after day, after day.

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