Endorphins are natures way of not only making us feel good, but helping us naturally neutralize pain.  And with endorphins being 200 times more powerful than morphine here are a few quick tips to boost your endorphins naturally and quickly.

1) Think positive thoughts – think of the placebo effect, people take the blue pill and all of a sudden their headache feel better.

2) Get moving – even a 15 minute brisk walk can lift your mood when feeling low.

3) Sex – much easier than exercise with just the same effect

4) Acupuncture – we don’t know exactly how it works, but the use of needles across the right acupressure points in the body acts as a release and stimulates the production of endorphins.

5) Eat chocolate – Just go for it

6) Enjoy some sunshine – the UV rays stimulate endorphin production

7) Have a laugh!

Have a happy endorphin filled day!

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