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Re-aligning your energy and frequency

How many times have you been asked something, and you’ve responded with ‘no’, when you wanted to say yes?

How many times have you been asked how you are, and you say, “I’m fine.” when deep down you’re not?

If you’re anything like me, there have been many times where this has happened… and even though we do it to be kind, to protect someone’s feelings, or to simply avoid getting rejection, this is inevitably a draining thing.

I first started really thinking about this when I was due to do my weekly live session in my group. It was the first day of my cycle, and I just couldn’t help my mind slip and my energy be all scrambled…

I kept thinking, I just need more time!
I just need another hour of sleep!
I just need a bit more breakfast!
I just needed to not push myself… I would’ve been definitely on time, just not on the right vibes at all.


It’s vital to me to have that right energy, that correct resonance- Especially if I was going to talk about exactly that, Queen energy, priestess energy, divine frequency that I needed to feel if I was going to talk about it all!

Which is why, I decided to go on later.
I had tea and toast, put on something gold, let my muscles and my frame relax, and let my whole being slow down and let the energy all flow back into me…

And when I opened my eyes again, all of that tension and stress was gone, and I felt ‘myself’ again, ready to radiate onto the world like I promised myself I would! But not just because I gave myself a moment to pause, but it was because it gave me a moment to think, understand, and re-align myself and my energy with today’s goals and ambitions.


To shine, you must focus.


We have all felt this before, this cloud of stress and worry and how we plan on dealing with it…

…but a mistake we all make is that this worry comes from not being good enough for this leap, for this big ambition we have set our sights on, because we are not successful enough to deal with this…

And to that I say, nonsense!

It is simply our energies that are on the wrong frequency. All of that ambition, all of those amazing ventures and business goals you have been working towards are there because you’ve driven yourself to achieving them. The only reason you feel nervous or apprehensive is simply because you just haven’t attuned yourself yet to that frequency, that level of success, but all it takes is a quiet moment to reflect and stabilise.


Stabilise… and let yourself be drawn to a higher calling, a higher ambition. Let yourself be on the same level as the things you want to achieve, create or envision. Plant your feet on the precipice, and ascend.

You might feel dizzy, you might be confused, but you’ll be on that level all the same.


I am me, and I am my energy.


Our energy, and our energy bodies, are one of our most under-utilised superpowers. If you think of our devotion, passion, will to work, and want to succeed as the tip of the spear of our ambition, you can think of our energy and frequency as the haft… the driving force behind it all, the force that grants us reach and lets our will to soar far beyond what we could ever imagine.

Which means, it is just as important to place intent into growing and building your energy, as it is to grow and build your intentions, business, and your personal mantras.

That way, when a goal is right in front of you, your energy shall match with its size…

…you’ll no longer be smaller than your goals or your dreams, and they won’t be as daunting any more.

Seal the leaks.


Once you have taken the time to realign yourself, you can also then focus on all of the things that have been sapping your energy over the years… all of the times you’ve said you’re okay, and the reason why saying that was a lie.


Reach into what ails you, and understand it. Let your energy encompass it, and kill the lag that it’s causing for you. Never assume something won’t bother or irritate you- When you have the chance, think inwards, and take it all in.


Then, finally, you are in tune with everything you set your sights towards.

So, I invite you to think about what it is you wish to call in, and how you can align yourself with the energy you already have… it’s not out there, it’s not invisible, it’s already in you, you just have to summon it, and align.


Remember, Faith + Action = Miracles


All the love,

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