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How to weave divinity, and the self, into your business and everyday life

Have you ever struggled where to draw the line between time spent focusing on yourself and your own state of mind, versus spending time in your business, enterprises and productive ventures? Because I definitely have, and for the longest time, I didn’t have an answer…


…until I realised, we don’t need a line at all!


We live in a society where the best resources for self-case, guruship, and spiritual guidance are all freely available to us with so many wonderful blogs, podcasts, and books all at a few taps away on a digital screen- But there’s also this constant worry about bills, quotas, deadlines… so many things that beg for attention and tell us to be productive!

Modern introspection tells us, both subconsciously and deliberately, that in order to ‘get things done’ we need to drop our meditations, our mantras, and our rituals to keep us divinely in-tune with the world and what we do, so that we can spend more time typing at a keyboard and joining more meetings.

But after an extremely insightful conversation with Rha Goddess, (Podcast episode available HERE, take a gander!) I realised that, no, you can absolutely do both of these things!

Nowadays, it is more important than ever to tie in the understanding of the self with the understanding of business affairs, that the ability to achieve and want isn’t tied to how pragmatic you are…

…these are outdated philosophies that we have the freedom to break down and create something new out of!


Divinity, not discipline


Far too many times have we been told to meditate and search for ourselves, worded like a cheap way to ‘be better’ at business, when the matter of fact is that we do these things to find ourselves, and have a true understanding of who we are and how we perceive inwards. 


To follow these mantras, to practice wellness every day, isn’t to find a lucrative end… it’s to culture a rich and resourceful means. This is how you become ‘better’, with a goal that encompasses so much more than just one aspect of our busy life.

The fast lane isn’t the most reflective


Resources are vital to us as human beings- Is what we’re constantly told- and one of the most dangerous misconceptions is that time, almost above money, is one of those things we need to be constantly worried about and use very carefully…

This of course, means that you cut out things in life that feel like ‘wasted’ time. You always have to do things quickly! Walk faster! Wake up earlier! Have a schedule and keep to it no matter what!


Not only does this cause great stress to some people… but it also limits the time we have to think.


So the answer here, is:

Slooooow dooooown.

Find time in the morning to close your eyes, and have some quiet to yourself… 


Stop what you’re doing, and really think about the importance of everything around you, if it’s worth all of this rush…

Find time – Because you will find it- To connect with yourself and find common threads in your routine to tie together.

These are all things you can do, that sound so incredibly simple, don’t they? The only reason they are difficult, is because it’s not what society has tempered us to do, we need to practice and practice these mantras ourselves.

…and you can start today!

Don’t believe that you can’t be spiritually and productively fulfilled at the same time.

All the love,


Faith + Action = Miracles

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