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How specific are you?

Let me ask you straight. Do you know what is required at every single level, to take your business to the next level?

The reason I ask you this is because we’ve just had two incredible new coaches join the team recently, and it has definitely been one of the most interesting (not challenging) processes of scaling the business.


When I am sharing with the coaches, one thing that has come up again and again is what am I looking for when somebody submits an aligned offer? Or a challenge outline? Like what are we looking for? And the answer is always specificity.

Being specific really changes the game. And I’ve literally just seen it in my own business going from marketing ‘six-figure breakthroughs in business’ to ‘create transformational group coaching programmes.’ Totally different ball game.

What’s interesting is that I was using a formula that I wasn’t consciously aware of when it came to helping people find the gap and then elevate.

We got to seven figures and we never really told people what we were doing, how the heck did that happen!? And so of course that’s very exciting for me to realize you can still get even more specific.

Coach talk

You say it to your clients all of the time, be specific, be specific, be specific. Please don’t tell me you want to empower someone to step into their fullest potential.

Of course I use words like that, but I’ve been in the coaching industry for the last eight years. Normal people don’t use words like that. This sounds vague and it’s not tangible. It’s coach speak.

Can you take that and turn it into something like ‘I can help you walk out of the door feeling like the sun is shining out of your backside as you ooze with confidence.’

The moment you start taking generalized messaging and get uber specific and provide tangible, real life examples of what somebody is going to think, feel, see and hear, you will attract more of your dream boat clients.

Someone isn’t coming to me because I sound like I’m just somebody who is a business coach who is going to help you make more money. That person hears me specifically saying, this is what I am amazing at. This is what I help my clients do and what helped me get to seven figures. I’m the person to go to.

The biggest one of all is whether it’s you, your marketing, regardless of the vehicles that you use to support your clients, if you want to attract more people, be specific about what it is that you are offering and the transformation that you are helping to facilitate. Specificity.

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