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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 03:24 How I expressed myself and my desire to be leading myself in the highest integrity
  • 06:25 Playing the victim and compounding of righteousness
  • 10:58 The importance of speaking truth
  • 12:33 Being a part of the solution in fixing injustices
  • “My journey involves a deep level of self-leadership and me being really aware of when I am out of alignment with my desire to be leading myself in the highest integrity, to the vision that I have for what it is that I want to create.”
  • “Anybody who is committed to embedding themselves in the reality of what is happening in this world across multiple different facets is asking themselves this question, how do I reconcile the knowing that at the core, there is no separation.”
  • “Each and every single one of us has a role that is unique to ourselves.”

That time when someone stole my work

Sometimes things go wrong and there are challenges. In fact, you’re always going to face difficult situations.

But when we’re more objective and respond rather than react, we improve.

It doesn’t stop negative things happening but there is a requirement of acknowledging wrongdoing and inequalities, and speaking your truth.

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