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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  Hello you gorgeous human being!   Today I am flexing my business muscles and diving into the mistakes that I see people making time and time again when they are running challenges or any kind of live engagement on their launches.   I am coming from a place of deep understanding, back in March 2019 I had what I then considered a “failed” launch. From there things have totally changed in my business. I am able to show up differently from a place of totally service and I flippin LOVE IT!   So listen in to see what the four mistakes are and how you can avoid them.   Highlights  
  • Reflecting on past mistakes
  • Don’t give away too much too soon
  • Facilitating breakthroughs
  • Engage with your audience
  • Clear your diary during challenge launches
  • “One of the biggest things is that now I know I am no longer reliant on any one launch to make me or break me.”
  • “It's not really about teaching. It's about facilitating breakthroughs.”
  • “If you operate from a mindset of not being good enough and feel like you need to over give, you will mess that up”
  • “Don't leave someone feeling complete, satiated.”
  Links     You can read the transcript here.   Faith + Action = Miracles

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